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Kim Gamble

Kim Gamble
July 13
dad, children's books, gardens, the ocean, coffee with a friend.


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JANUARY 8, 2015 5:01PM



Photo on 9-01-15 at 7

 Looking back from the sea, that's Anna in front of the rooftop laundry with the light on, and me below, with the trainset. We were twelve.

It follows from a previous post, New Page. Not sure how yet, but it does ... I gave Bella-my-ex a copy of TheRead full post »

DECEMBER 19, 2014 2:49PM


Looking out the window south toward Shelly Beach I saw Jimmy on the grass, on his back with his arms waving, people stepping around him.

There was a backpack and a flattened cardboard box by his side. As I watched, he sat up and started drawing ~ drawing or writing, I… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 18, 2014 6:00AM

dogs talk at night



across this quiet town,

he here, her there,

little yap to distant bass 

in the mist. 

they speak beneath pleiades,

share dog messages tonight.


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OCTOBER 15, 2014 12:26PM

The Disappearance of Traditional Values


Two days ago I received notification from Our Salon of a post by a former Open member, with an invitation to reprint it here.

I read it, liked it, added a bit of Utamaro, and we got 140 + comments, many of them from Bill Beck.  ( His name was… Read full post »

OCTOBER 1, 2014 12:07PM

New page

new doc 2_1


relative to many other things isn't rational

or emotional much either,

just a title, a pilchard tossed to a sea gull, a way of saying

I was here.

The bottom right hand bit isn't finished

~ it's a row of tents, a refugee camp,

and the girl running down… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 2, 2014 10:58PM




© Michael Leunig  Read full post »

AUGUST 8, 2014 8:03PM

OC workstation, for heron

Photo on 9-08-14 at 9

It gets a bit bright there, like that scene at the end of Close Encounters ...

Photo on 9-08-14 at 9

 When you get inside, things fade fast.You need to use fade-proof pigments, especially in Winter with the sun coming in from the North. I didn't get back to Barraba yesterday so I used… Read full post »

JULY 26, 2014 10:17PM

To lose a child


A. ( on right ) : Click it, momma. I got a serious plane to catch.

G. ( left ) : She's really GOING ???

D. ( centre ) : Take it easy, she'll be back for Christmas.

G. ( pause, straightens up ) :  ... Wh...What ... ?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~O~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ … Read full post »

JULY 19, 2014 12:05AM

Fibonacci's Parrot


Years ago, after reading a book by John Bleibtreu*, I became interested in the Fibonacci sequences.

Peter Stevens' Patterns in Nature spurred me along.

A friend in Chicago was on the same trail.

Together but independently we looked at K… Read full post »

JULY 8, 2014 11:51PM

Out there somewhere


 Arielle's note to this was :

We tried to stay in a French chateau, were banished to a caravan like tramps. French tramps though, so I guess that's still pretty cool. Miss you! X

When they leave home and wander ... we take take deep breaths and cross our fingers.… Read full post »

JUNE 24, 2014 12:15AM

How Birds Work



We moved up there some time ago now, and inspired by mud-wasps and swallows, began to build a house. We didn't have much money, and only my father's old hand tools to work with and learn from, but we had forests of pine standing seasoned after fire ;  there… Read full post »

MAY 26, 2014 10:58PM

Bed Time Stories


One question asked of Ms. Jolie was what fairy tales or stories she reads to her children and although I wasn't very surprised to hear she likes to make up her own tales, she did say she reads the Tashi stories,  of which there are many volumes and that she loves.… Read full post »
MAY 6, 2014 11:04PM

Easter Island





 Little bit blurry. KG, pastel, 24 x 20 " 

# 1. Bedroom, cockatoo, evening ...

#2. zoom in on a tennis court ... 

 #3. Full pan w Fijiian tapa border ...

You might see a kid, standing on the edge of a roof with a cape, thinking… Read full post »

APRIL 15, 2014 7:56PM

After Stacey





IMG_5064 Yer basic camping arrangement. Shower & bbq facilities in the background. ( We were the only ones there, so we could sleep in the open.) Note platform to elevate a person above snakes etc.


 "I always thought it would be so big, the moment ofRead full post »

MARCH 24, 2014 11:12PM



 "Silence is the best response to foolish arguments."

No, it's not.

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DECEMBER 31, 2013 1:46AM

After the storm


One of the sheds, it used to be full of timber, old doors & windows, some machinery and furniture ... used to collect water, precious up there. Two big tanks, both gone. A hut nearby went too.

You can see by the green beyond this was a spotfire ~ embers… Read full post »

JULY 19, 2013 4:40AM

This Great Big Sea.


Went to the the Kiosk for dinner, I was the only one.

Some bread, 3 scallops and a glass of pinot grigio. 

Walking back the lights of Manly in the water,

feeling alive like this is life, to say thank you. 

Sometimes when you walk along a path

beside the… Read full post »

JULY 15, 2013 11:40PM

Mom I've noticed ...


when I come back in your chin has slumped to your hands

on the rail of the chair, and you're staring a bit, again ...

That's okay ~ you're 97 ; cool ~ you can't do crosswords any more,

or read the paper by yourself,

or watch the news ...… Read full post »

JULY 11, 2013 2:29AM



When Anna was in Italy last year for a while I moved to her place with Greersy's rabbits and house-sat, garden-sat, rabbit-sat.

Sat all over the damn place.

I missed her, and being Summer I was working at the table outside, and drew her in so I could "be"… Read full post »

JULY 8, 2013 4:21AM

Facing West

I've been working on a biggish canvas, facing West from here.

There's a river in the foreground and pasture beyond. A storm last week, and some lovely music helped me try to create a mood ...  



Stepping back ...


Not quite finished ~ the larger view… Read full post »

JULY 5, 2013 2:19PM





Manus Island is in the Bismarck Sea off the North coast of Papua New Guinea.
Since the Vietnam War, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, more recently Sri Lanka, Syria and North Africa, many refugees have fled South-east to Indonesia, where those who are able to… Read full post »
JUNE 8, 2013 12:09PM


Driving south to Sydney through Tamworth down through Walla(middle of nowhere)badah yesterday a police car pulled me over.

"Mate, your car isn't registered."

"Well yes it is. Until the 21st."

"No mate, it's cancelled."

"Wha ... ?"

"Maybe you've got some unpaid fines. They cancelled it. Can I see your lic/
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MARCH 14, 2013 3:06PM

Coming back to Barraba


 Time and a few other things brought me back to an empty house, in an overgrown garden in the country ~

Barraba is a small town, 7 hours from Sydney ... quiet ...

Parked the car and looked around ...

That's the kitchen with the light on at the… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 16, 2012 10:24PM

For Stacey



I came upon this a few weeks ago, in a rock shelter, Northern Australia.

Blown over what appears to be an x-ray painting of a barramundi ~ all conjecture, as this is between 40 ooo years old & last year ~ what struck me first was the reaching of… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 10, 2012 11:24PM

Reading to the Moon

When he reached La Paz
he wrote to say though closer,
he had never felt further away. 
It was as if he'd lost track, somehow.
Ended up here unexpectedly.
Took of his jacket, loosened his tie, lay on the bed the while
ignoring the cold glassy gaze
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