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MARCH 23, 2012 1:58PM

The Crocodile and the Cane Toad.

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Why is this girl on the back of a saltwater crocodile ? What is a cane toad ?


                                      bufo marinus ~ the cane toad.


Back in the 1800's, everyone thought it was a terrific idea to lay waste the coastal plains of Northern NSW & Queensland in Australia, to plant sugar cane. There went the glider possums, koalas, birds, reptiles & the coastal shoals of The Great Barrier Reef, to say nothing of the people who had lived in the area for 40,000 years ... Think of the rum, everyone said ! Yum !


Sugar cane grew well up there, until it was discovered by a native beetle, dermolopida albohirtum, now known as the cane beetle.

Cane beetles love the leaves, and they lay eggs whose larvae burrow down to feed on the roots of the sugar cane plant. Millions of eggs. When these creatures settled in, their impact on sugar production was catastrophic.

Something had to be done. It was up to one man, who worked at the Bureau of Sugar Experiment Station, a stifling corrugated-iron shed on the outskirts of town. History doesn't record his name ( but it's more than likely his name was Bruce. ) He read about a toad that ate cane beetles ...

In 1935, Bruce imported 100 cane toads from Hawaii and released them into a plantation near Cairns, in far North Queensland. The toads were unimpressed with the Australian cane beetle, but acquired a taste for just about everything else, up to and including what was left of the small marsupials. A female toad lays an average of 20,000 eggs, twice a year. Numbers grew, and pretty soon they'd expanded their range, developed longer legs, and began wiping out any larger predators by means of a poison that can blind a human or kill a brown dog. 

77 years later, cane toads occupy a growing tract of Northern Australia, and defy all attempts to control their spread. They are moving most rapidly to the left, on this map, towards one of the largest pristine tropical regions in the world : The Kimberley.

                                    A map of Australia with the cane toad's distribution highlighted. The area follows the north-eastern coast of Australia, ranging from the Northern Territory through to the top end of New South Wales. 

The girl in the photo at the top was one of a group of kids who were swimming after school there last year, when this crocodile clambered out onto the bank, and collapsed. Much squeals and carry-on ; the boys threw stones at it, from a distance, and poked it with ( very ) long sticks, but the crocodile didn't move. Finally, Sahkira, the youngest of the whole group, walked right up and climbed onto its back for a photo. 

The crocodile was dead. It had swallowed a cane toad. 



Cane toads grow to 25cm ( 10" ) in body length ; 1.35 kg ( 3 lbs ) weight. Saltwater crocodiles, up to 6m ( 20' ) ; over 1000 kg ( 2000+lbs ) 

Croc.pic. ©  Toad, cane, beetle, map - google images


Part 2 ... julie rap ... 






                    A surfer watches a southern right whale as it swims off Bells Beach yesterday. PICTURE: DREW RYAN 

                         Bells Beach, Victoria. pic. the 



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We're always after improving things. Sometimes we just need to let things be. That being said, I am a huge fan of sugar. And wow, that cane toad is...less attractive than about 1000 other things I could name off the top of my head. I miss your hat.
So the moral of the story is...
If you want to have a dog in Australia, don't get a brown one.
I'd like to lose sugar from my kitchen altogether, but I can't drink coffee without it.
Phyllis stole my hat ~ I miss it too.
Larry, this is true. Especially in the shaded area.
I wondered!
Thanks for that.
...and we're learning more about Australia.
I love the peaceful look on her face... : )
A sad commentary too, as this happens all over the world...nightmarish disruptions to eco-systems by short-sighted fools who don't bother to research what they are actually doing.
Sometimes "a place for everything and everything in its place" makes much sense.
Just Thinking,
Hopefully what passed for research in 1935 has improved ( too bad about the species & habitat lost forever. ) Alerting our kids to the dangers inherent seems to be about the best we can do now. Actively opposing rampant new development too. That, & not putting things like sugar in our coffee ... that, & not drinking coffee ... hang on ...
& yes, her expression is sublime, for a kid on a crocodile :-)
That always makes sense, consonants&vowels.
According to the religious fundamentalists in the good ole U.S. of A., as first said by Rick Santorum and echoed by the lady behind the deli counter, only God can destroy the planet. Men are not powerful enough to do so.

The lady behind the deli counter was parroting a religion dominated by men and we are seeing the effects of science and pseudo science propounded by men. This would logically lead to the conclusion that this is what you get when you let men be in charge, but that would fall to the level of a blonde joke so I won't go there as I don't like blonde jokes.

I hope they find a way to stop the toads. What are they trying so far? I know they are having similar issues in the Everglades. They did a study to test having dogs hunt the introduced snakes and it worked really well but of course they're not doing it. And we have a river taken over by Asian Carp, which are headed towards Lake Michigan. Vicious monsters. They breed like the toad.

I guess it is going to be up to nature to find a balance again since mankind has so totally f'ed things up.

I'm thinking scavenger hunt for the hat.
Wow. That photo scared me...
Thanks for the Aussie history Kim, and for knowing the cane toad is many many miles away from me.
If I were a kid, I'd find a way to get that croc in my wagon, drag it back to my house and say to my mom "It followed me home--can I keep it?"

Ugh. Visceral ugh, philosophical ugh, ecological ugh. How we go, how it all goes, with a whimper.
this sux on so many levels, all except the brave girl child.
I gotta get. I was late hours ago.
I'll share with Annabella this eve.
She wants a horse. I want a mule.
Kin Gamble needs one kangaroo.
No make walking crocodile boots.
Hope Ya visit USA. Hop greyhound
I guess we're lucky the planet isn't a sentient being because if it were, we would be SO fucking swallowed whole and deady dead.

we - the human species: aka humanus assholeius - we are ridiculous.
I feel tears ... find no words ... but I stay because ... how can I leave ... and then ... words fall ... to me ... Cry ... Cry ... The Beloved ... Country ... Cry ... Cry ... My ... Beloved ... Country ...
Yours ... and now ... because of you ... all of ours ... Cry ... Beloved ...

Why so hard to love ... beauty ... as it is ...
isn't it the easiest thing ...
why can beauty ... not be allowed ... to be ...

So many thoughts rise ... beside ... within ... tears ...
I've only just ever heard ... of The Kimberly ...
and now ... this ...
do we dare and ... do we dare ... and how do we dare not ...
how do we protect ... what has not been taken ... yet ...
It's like inheriting something precious & beautiful, then handing it down all messed-up & broken, with vital pieces missing.
Efforts to control cane toads have failed, like I say. Some biological, such as genetic modification ; others physical, like trapping or ( in one extreme case ) people along the NSW/Queensland border hitting them back North with golf clubs.
There are simply too many of them, & our population so sparse ~ add to that the increase in floods ( which flow South, here ) ~ & the outlook isn't too good.
Yes, a scavenger hunt !

I'm sure not even its mother would say that thing is pretty. I hope your neck of the woods is never threatened by anything like this.

Hi Con,
& your mom would say, ' Sure you can keep it, as long as it stays in your room !'

Ugh is right, Gail. Perfect.

Sahkira has a kind of smile, but I see sadness in her face too, for the old croc.
Amazing! How many times we introduce one species of animal or plant to contradict another. And how so many times, we make things worse. I enjoyed the croc in the wagon story. Your sense of humor is refreshing.
There's one thing I have to give some not so deserved credit to Bruce for ... us Aussies have found some new games to play ... cane toad golf; squish the cane toad on the road; cane toad cricket; and even dodge weave from the tent to the loo!

Darn vile pests. I wonder how long before they reach Sydney, Kim? Or are there some to be found there too?
Saw a program on Nat Geo Wild about the cane toad. Appalling. Disgusting.

Thanks for posting this.
And the photo of Sahkira and the crocodile ... very special ... I see love and humanity from a little girl for one of God's feared creatures.
Here in Michigan we have a description of what happened with the toad for beetles exchange in your country: "The helping hand strikes again!"

I guess if people were aware of them they wouldn't be called unintended consequences.
So - if they're native to Hawaii how are they dealt with there? "To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven." Plus every dog has its day. Even if the dog's a toad.
Killed a croc????
My God!!!
A toad????
Hi Art,
Just so long as after seeing this picture Annabella doesn't start angling with her parents for a crocodile.
Alligator, there.

Monkey we certainly have been ( ridiculous.)
I'd love to think education is helping to fix that, so in turn we can apply ourselves to fixing so much of what we broke.

I guess this one began with rum/coke/the sweet tooth, & it's as if we have to pay for these things over. & over. & over.
& yes, pity The Kimberley.

Hi Ande,
Con has the sense of humour :-) I can almost see the look on mom's face :-) ~ & yes, Look Before We Leap, isn't it.

Not to mention the growing craft industry ~ cane toad purses, cane toad road-kill dried & framed for your wall, cane toad paperweights ...
They have come as far south as Port Macquarie. That's only 3 hours from here. None I've heard of in Sydney, but with this wet, it's probably only a matter of time.
& yeh, very special photo.

Like "We're from the Government, we're here to help you !"
I have those bloody beetles everywhere! Never saw them before I moved to Windsor and had no clue what they were. Shall I ask Steve for a cane toad?!
Margaret as far as I can tell, cane toads aren't the threat to the environment in Hawaii as they are here, though they do kill a couple of dozen Hawaiian dogs every year ~ those ones certainly had their day.
I don't know what the difference is. More people ?
They were introduced to Hawaii from their native Central/South America.
"To every thing there is a season ..." You really ought to write more poetry.

Crikey !! as Steve Irwin would say, is right, JD. 2 metre ( at least, by the look of it ) croc, & a 10'' toad. "Deadly," the kids would say.

Hi Misrule,
Scarab beetles, they used to be called.
Please don't ask Steve for a toad.
Misguided shortsighted humans like Bruce have a history of doing dumb stuff.
Just how is a cane toad be prepared properly?
Great post! I'm a fan of your ending. We've got bufo marinus here in South Florida too. They're awful.
Patrick ~ sorry I missed you before ~ I haven't seen the NatGeo doco. There's a film flurry down here on the things, humorous with a serious undertone. Seems to be the most effective way of spreading the word. Kid's books too : Toad Away, Toad Under etc. Thanks for reading this.

tri ig,
The road connecting Brisbane in the South to Cairns in the North is called the Bruce Highway ~ what can I say ?
( Down here we call anyone North of the border 'Banana Benders.')
How to prepare the toad ?
Make sure it's dead.
Remove poison glands & set aside.
Seriously, people smoke that stuff. Learned it from the Hawaiians.

Thanks Frank !
You've also got alligators ? I hope they aren't in danger.
Hey Kim. I saw a doc on this, probably National Geographic. Looks like another human intervention gone wrong, like bringing African bees to Brasil or Canadian beavers (please, no wisecracks) to Argentina. The cane toad doc ended on a slightly hopeful note. Apparently some crows had figured out that if they tipped the toads onto their backs, they could peck away and eat the innards without consuming the venomous skin and poison sacs. No idea if this will be enough to stem their spread.
is their poison only deadly to brown dogs?
Abrawang thanks.
That's true about the crows & some other birds, but not all. Goannas, snakes, crocodiles & the larger birds like jabiru & brolga swallow their prey whole, & their absence allows what they used to eat to flourish, encouraging more toads into those wetlands.
I'm going back there in August ~ I'll let you know what I see.

My old neighbour Skimmo used to say of anything ( like an undercooked scone, or tea that was too strong ) she didn't like : " It'd kill a brown dog. "
well. Skimmo knows.
Why thank you Kim, but although I'm sure I'd be a fine poet for example here's something I just dreamed up spur 'o the moment - "Roses are red/violets are blue/most things I say/apparently only make sense to me since most people look at me funny although I don't understand why" -

I think I would be a better lyricist. Actually I am also both musically and poetically inclined in case you weren't away of my many talents. In fact, I Feel A Song in My Heart Again. The more I keep Turn! Turn! Turn! turning that line over in my head, I not only feel a song but hear one. I should write it down and maybe get an old sixties group to record it since I must admit my voice isn't so great. I wonder what the Byrds have been up to.
So, not satisfied with already having the vast majority of poisonous snake species on the planet, they went importing one with legs?
OMG......I can't believe that such a tiny creature can cause so much havoc! I find the picture of the crocodile very sad.....I think the "moral" of this story is that there are times when man should not interfere with Mother Nature.
Good old humans. Nothing like them to f things up.

Hard to believe the croc would be better looking than the toad. Or less dangerous.
I tend not to give a pass, even in 1935. Or earlier. There were botanists then, zoologists short-sighted. Maybe they weren't around when the cane toads were brought in, or the flying carp, African bees, kudzu, etc etc etc. Or didn't care as they didn't know/love the land...stupid f***s.
Kudzu was brought to Georgia from Japan as an erosion control and just took over...hundreds of miles of piney woods covered/destroyed by it, telephone poles, cars left too long...
We kids (usually at chore time) were told not to stand still too long or we'd be wrapped up and smothered by the encroaching kudzu. Oh the nightmares that ensued...
about your response to tr ig's comment: they smoked what? the poison or the de-poisoned toad? I ask because of that one strange hippie guy that showed up that one night long ago with an hallucinogen he said came from the poison sac of a South American frog...
I abstained, but even just sleeping up the hill while those who were partaking did, I had the wildest dreams I have ever had in my life...
Kim, Interesting story. Nature morphs in a miraculous way. When man intervenes he creates Frankensteins. I wonder if the young girl had a sense the croc was dead or she was just exceptionally brave. Either way, Steve Irwin (RIP) would be proud.
Rita, finger to nose, Skimmo knows.

Those more recent offerings point more to a career in bee-keeping, I think, or taxidermy. Have you considered Hosiery ? I hear there's oodles of room in Hosiery, now that people can no longer afford it.
The main thing is, hang on to your day job, but continue to write. Practise, practise, practise !
Look at me, I'm an illustrator !

Not only does this thing have legs, but it can spray that poison at its enemy's eyes. It's a smart toad.
Australia is looking to become the Venom destination of choice. You want a quick, painful death ? Come to Australia !
I should be working for The Department of Tourism ... cretins.

I find that picture very sad too.
Pure speculation, but it may be that the crocodile is the girl's 'totem,' & she identified with it more than the others did.

Pilgrim, there's no doubt about our proficiency there.
re. the relative dangers ~ how mind-blowing is it that the kids were swimming in the same river as that crocodile in the first place ? !

Just Thinking, we know about kudzu down here, too ~ kept in check somewhat by another invasive, good old Morning Glory !
Add to that Privet, Lantana ( a great movie, by the way ), Water Hyacinth, rabbits & global warming & it's Houston ... we have a problem, alright.
Yes, defying all logic or common sense, people smoke the toad poison. Interesting about your dreams ~ maybe there are properties here yet to be discovered.
Or you accidentally breathed some vagrant wafts while you slept.

I'm fascinated to see how Mother Nature is going to morph this one.
Like what's playing at your blog now : Everywhere is War ...
I'm sure the photographer wouldn't have let her near the croc unless he was satisfied it was dead. & I see no fear in her eyes.
( I don't see any boys in the picture, with their warrior-like sticks & stones ! )
I wish this was fiction. Sometimes I wonder how superior a species we are, sigh. Lately I wish most of what I read that's true was fiction. One day I will pass out from sighing while reading.
200 million years of evolution, confident in your niche between river bottom & the sun above ; dealt with ice ages & prolonged drought, the appearance of Man, the ravages of 'pastoralisation,' & along comes a toad.
... & how long has Man been here ~ 200,000 years ?
We work quick, & that's our flaw.
We have outrun evolution, & now there's toads & kudzu on our heels.
It's looking Biblical ; it's looking like the conversation Moses had with Pharaoh.
I like frogs legs. I'm assuming this thing's legs aren't much good for eating.

You know, I could get upset about this. And the Asian Carp and the Kudzu. But, in the long, long, long of it: We're all cross-polinating everything, anyway. Smallpox on the indigenous people. Noodles and pizza. Writing. Numbers. Words. Birds eat seeds and poop them out miles and miles away.

Heck, there are whole PLANETS floating around free out there, they're now discovering. Water and lava on asteroids. Little terrariums of alien life.

So, maybe we we're the cane frogs. Maybe we're the africanized bees, sent here to Earth by some power that thinks it's higher as one big experiment.

What if the cane frogs could think?

Maybe they want to go to the opera in Sydney. Get enlightened.

The picture of the girl on the crock rocks.
My math teacher told us the other night that she once had breakfast with the man who discovered Pluto! I said, "So what was Walt Disney like in person?" and she said no, not the dog, the planet. Oh. Well I'd lost all interest but to be polite (because she was so excited about her brush with celebrity) though I didn't care at that point, I said well what was HE like and she thought for a moment and said: "Small and dark. Just like Pluto." Now it's not even a planet. Even less impressive.

I'd like to visit Jupiter and see that Great Red Spot up close - can you imagine, a storm that's raged for 700 years (how does anyone know that, I wonder). I'll be there are cane toads, Asian carp, African bees, kudzu, morning glory/liana and even cockroaches on Jupiter. Also dinosaurs; I think they got too big for earth and after they built the pyramids and Stonehenge they decided they needed more room so they got in their flying saucers which were parked in Wal-Mart lots and went to Jupiter which is maybe 2.5 billion times as big as Denmark.

Skimmo - was he one of the Marx Brothers?
Well I'll "be"! Should read "bet".
Helvetica in the long, long, long of it I'm sure you're right.
Just that only 150 years ago Darwin was recording adaptability on remote outcrops like Galapagos, as distant then as Mars is now, noting Chilean spiders riding a jetstream had landed there & over millennia mutated to adapt ; there are no longer millennia, only now.
The Evolution of the Species has become The Acceleration of the Species.
Cross-pollination is all very well, but ( & I'm conscious of sounding like a fogey here ) we are water, lava & new life on steroids.
When it overtakes us, will we keep up ?
I'm all for cane toads in the Opera House, but what score will they follow ?
Who will write the libretto ?
& who ( knowing the answer already, with a sinking feeling ) will be cleaning the toilets ?
Do you think people notice, when you lose interest & your mind wanders, or have you got that whole 'I'm still fascinated' thing down pat ?
I'm thinking people notice.
Hell, even I notice.
Your comment is so far off topic, if I was neilpaul I'd delete it.
Thankfully you rallied in the second paragraph & raised the subject of Jurassic Space Exploration ( about which I happen to know not a little ) ~ it turns out we had it the wrong way around, all along.
Yes, the toads & carp & kudzu & whatnot came from Jupiter.
Also, Jupiter is much smaller than was originally thought. It's just behind the Moon, there.
& the storm didn't last 700 years, either. Not even 700 days.
It lasted 7 hours & there was some minor hail damage, that's all. The guy was insured ; no drama ; nothing to see here folks, move along.
Astronomers are so stupid sometimes.
Skimmo was my elderly neighbour in the town where I lived. Her first name was Olive. She made scones.
She was my Eskimo.
What an amazing story. I ate an alligator recently, but that's another story entirely. Tasted a little like crocodile. R
I need to ask, Daniel, did you eat the whole alligator, or just a choice cut ?
Your comment makes it sound like you ate a whole alligator.
First of all, neilpaul would never delete a comment of mine. Or anyone else's. Have you noticed he's not here anymore? Just - poof - vanished! He probably doesn't have any fingers left to hit the 'delete' key. I'll bet he doesn't even have arms anymore; God only knows what she's done to him. Makes Kathy Bates in "Misery" look like Florence Nightingale.

As for Jurassic Space Exploration, it's really not that interesting; anyone can build and fly a spaceship with some basic mechanical knowledge and go as far as they want as long as they can afford the gas. I find the Crustaceous Period much more fascinating because this was the Renaissance of Baking, when dinosaurs moved beyond cookies and cakes and began experimenting with things that required crusts. Like pie. Tarts. Quiches. And fancy pastries. Only certain dinos could do the intricate frosting and decorating work; that's why some of them like T-Rex have those teeny little arms.

And Jupiter is not behind the moon, Kim. Pink Floyd's been on the dark side of the moon and if they's seen Jupiter they would have told us. Jupiter's in Florida.
Good Lord! "They'd" not "They's"! (Pretend I've made a clever little upward pointing arrow to indicate the direction of my typo.)
Lest anyone think the destruction of habitat & species be more important than religious squabbles I'll try to keep this post alive, Margaret.
Thank you.
Your knowledge of the Crustaceous Period outdoes my knowledge of the Jewrassic by a country mile.
It was inevitable that T-Rex would win out in the tart department, but not so inevitable that Diprotodons would be calling Pterodactyls anti-protodon 6 million years later.
I don't understand what they're still fighting about ~ deckchairs, do you think ?
Didn't anyone think to feed a cane beetle to the cane toad before inviting it in? Sugar is a damn nasty crop anyway. It's a shame y'all's extra cats don't eat toads.
Sirenita exactly !
See if the damn thing eats beetles first !
Doh !
No, it kills cats. That or blinds them. At least it's getting rid of some feral cats, there is that.
The cane toad is in Florida too. They are gigantic and aggressive. I remember looking out one night at my cat's dish in the yard and saw multiple glowing eyes staring back at me. It wasn't cats, who were cowering on the outskirts, but a dozen of these "Bufos" eating their chow. Big Sugar f---ed up the balance here as well.
Well said. Thank you.
Though I come for the stories, I stay for Margaret's comments. ~r
A children's fable for adults. No wonder Bruce is hiding in the Outback these days. Probly changed his name, too, to Ed, more than likely.
We are not learning from results like these that we don’t know the details of the master plan.

Recently I saw a photography exhibit showing before and after images of the flooding of ancient Chinese cities along the Yangtze River after completion of the Three Gorges Dam in the nineties. The water level was raised about 575 feet; archaeological sites were destroyed, one million residents displaced, wildlife and forestry eradicated. Significant ecological changes involving toxic emissions, changes to the floodplain, landslides and earthquakes have resulted. In exchange, people of China enjoy less expensive electricity and facilitated shipping–bigger cargo ships can navigate the deepened river.

The before pictures look like Chinese brush landscape paintings. The after pictures look like a post industrial wasteland. After seeing the before pictures, all I could think about was what lay under that 575 feet of water, for miles and miles. The loss was indescribable.
Bufo needs a hoodie to complete the look.
There’s a saying about good intentions eh?
You just need to teach the rabbits (another man injected infestation of the Aussie ecosystem as I recall) to eat the damn toads.

Easy peasy! What's the problem???
P.S. That girl in the picture has the most amazingly beautiful eyes.

**stiffles comment about SHE is suppose to be wearing Crocs not vice versa!**
Joan, thanks ( I think ;-)

Hi Chicken Maaan,
They found Bruce ~ he's in a Home For The Bewildered outside Cairns, on a chair in the garden, surrounded by the things. They worship him. They sing to him. It's hideous.

what happened there is a monumental tragedy. I'm all for hydro, but that thing just feeds the industry above. I'll never get my head around how such a wonderful culture went so wrong ~ an ongoing lesson to us all. thankyou. good parallel.

Bufo don't need no hood. No-one messes wid da bufo.

Mice, men, & cane toads.

Amy that would be the ideal solution, if rabbits were carnivores.
Sahkira's eyes carry 40,000 years affinity there. Beautiful, indeed.
Oh my God. Will we ever learn to leave nature alone and not destroy it? I guess crocs aren't indestructible after all.
Dazzle it seems even crocs have a soft underside. Toad found it. It was inside.
I read that Australia is fighting the Cane Toad with cat food.

(no joke)
I read that too, Larry. Cat food attracts ants & toads, & the toads are supposed to get eaten by the ants. Trouble is toads eat ants.

I think the solution lies in the poison. Maybe it cures something. Something we don't even know we've got yet. Preventative medicine-style.
There could be a bounty. In some states here, kids get 5 cents for every empty soda can/bottle, & there's no litter. Similar.

Maybe kids could get 5 cents for every toad. That might work.
I'll buy some opthalmological shares, just in case.
I also read that there are 10 Cane Toads for every person living in Australia.

You guys have poisonous toads, we have guns.
"Amy that would be the ideal solution, if rabbits were carnivores."

Kim, you apparently are not a big Monte Python fan or you would know better! ;)
Turns out I didn't need to write 'opthalmological.' Opthalmology would have done.
So, you're saying there are 10 guns for every American ?
Don't forget we've got rabbits, fox, pigeons, indian myna, mice & rats & black widows, camels, horses, cats, dogs, german cockroach & sparrows ~ all of them introduced, all of them gone feral.
Goats, bees, wasps, ants ... & pigs.
I'm seriously thinking about getting a licence & being a pig-shooter.
Thanks, Amy ~ there went another bit of my life, following old Monty Python clips through youtube ... & loving it :-)
eighty comments.. wow!
:D I love the killer bunny, heh
Who'da thunk a toad ?

Holy defecation, batgirl !
guano right? ikr, igr?
sigh, long day at work...
and how is your day starting?
How handily things segue here from toads to ophthalmology to the conflict in the Middle East. Yes I'm talking about something even koshersalaami avoids addressing in his recent excellent two-part post on anti-Semitism, because it's so controversial: how far back things really go. Like, way back. To the stone age and beyond. During the Jewrassic Period dinosaurs ruled the earth but then we move into the Palestineolithic Era when we see humans developing crude tools so they could kill and eat the peaceful dinosaurs. The two groups could not get along; that's why the dinosaurs turned themselves into birds, took to the skies and became known as the "dinospora", later shortened to "diaspora". The roots of this conflict run deeper than the ones in Phyllis's garden.

Did you know if you feed those toads peppermint, they'll turn red and white and are known as candy cane toads? They look great on a Christmas tree.

Amy's back!
Man, are you folks still talking about cane toads? Plenty of longevity in this post, if not for living things who get too close to its subject.
Julie it's 4 pm. My day started 10 0r 11 hours ago, after a dream about people I haven't seen since kindergarten.
So far the day's been okay, but we're coming up to the tricky bit soon, where the light runs out & I have to find something else other than colouring in to do. I used to watch tv, but tv is getting pretty weird.
" ikr, igr?" You'd have to walk me through that.
If you had an ordinary day I hope your night is full of wonder.
Wonder & peace. x

Margaret, Kosher's post is good, isn't it. His & Jonathan's.
Between them they've got the whole anti-semantic thing wrapped up, I think. Your comment about Bolivia certainly threw Kosh, but he was back on his feet in a flash.
I prefer to comment on posts with Jan Sand in the thread, because I can throw in any old bs & Jan makes haiku soup out of it.
Him & Frank Apisa sure know their way around somewhere.
You shouldn'te'vorten't said that about Phyllis's roots ~ blonde girls are sensitive about hair & you did it here in public where people read my nephew reads this & I'm going to be a nun now you can put whatever you like on your tree it doesn't mean your not semantic. Anti-semantic. I didn't even see that movie it changed my life.
Amy never went away she was just Divorce Bard for a bit.
Abrawang you couldn't kill it with a stick.

Canadian beavers in Argentina or not.

Sorry ~ you asked us not to say that.
I'd take some wonder right about now. get up, way, way too early. Any sunrise pictures? I love the sunrise. You've just inspired me to drink some coffee and wait for it.
"colouring in"?
Shift work ? Sleep in ? I've got 5 canvasses behind me of the headland ; 2 are sunrise. Waiting for the figures in the foreground ~ surprise me.
shift work, it must be nice to watch them develop- like Polaroids
will you do a post on one in progress? one of the sunrises?
Hang on ... just put them together ~ photo up top ~ 2 of them don't have railings yet ... I want a carnival/penguin procession/pirate/something to be major in the foreground of each.
I'm thinking like what I had in Learning to Read, May last year ( sorry no hyperlink ) or a clown ... help me out ~ the pay comes in units of eternal gratitude.
I won't leave the pic up forever.
One doesn't have railings yet ~ bottom right, but it will.
Can you see a procession ?
Maybe a band ? A harlequin, a zebra ? 2 people in evening clothes & barefoot after a night out ?
What about a hippo ?
cane toads and hippos dancing by moonlight

procession of white foxes in a wedding

and animal beach carnival

animal children making sand angels

no clowns, clowns are scary
Cane toads & hippos, check it out !
( hippo needs a tail, could be rounder ~ just chalkin' it up ... )
yeah! or a cane toad and a rabbit- that would be a very prolific couple
I kind of like this orange dress if you go hippo...although they're all cute
There you go. Much better, I think.
and this hairpiece is stunning
ok, time for coffee :D thankies Kim, wonder is good
... what would a rabbit wear ?
flapper dress in orange with a feather band across the head thing, and the toad needs a tux with tails
heh, well (it's a kid's book right?)...yeah, nevermind
what's their personalities? why are they there? is it a costume ball? a formal party? two lovers?
since he's doing jazz hands he needs a cane and a hat though...and gloves...perhaps sparkly ones
They're there because the restaurant downstairs needs to change its crap palette-knife tropical fish pictures for something people might want to actually buy, & this is a post about feral critters.
At night, on the grass behind the beach in the background, possums, bandicoots & rabbits all get together ~ on Sunday nights there's firedancers & a conga drummer. If I leave the window open I can hear them/see the reflection of the torches.
The animals don't mind them either.
I take your point about the cane ~ it's a good one.
... it's gettin' dark too dark to see ...
laugh, well that's one way to chase an artist out of a studio ;D

very nice Kim!
Oh! and ahhhh ...
I keep coming back to look again at Sahkira’s eyes ...
the blue of them ... the knowing ... within ...
knowing perhaps ... before words come ...

and now ... part two ...
wonder and sunrise and the headland ...
again and again and again ...
I’m glad Julie gave the spark ... and
more than glad ... for all I see ...
lovely morning ...
wonder wander ...

lovely ...
all ... of these ...
Ooohh, love the paintings....nice addition of the cane for the cane toad. Good call, Julie. : )
Gives the celebratory air a little Broadway vibe. What's the song? Some sort of "top of the heap" for the top billing "Cane Toad and Rabbit" invasive routine?

The paintings at the top are intriguing to look at-- I rarely bother with jealousy but this is your daily view?
Nice !
I keep expecting a sailboat to tack around the headlands there...and the rail-free one, with the rocky and/or seaweedy shore, so nicely done, Mr. Gamble...
Now I am longing to head out for the coast : )
The only reason that little girl's on the back of that crocodile is because she's an enterprising tyke who plans to cut a deal with some rep from Gucci or Hermes or Louis Vuitton who'll turn its hide into shoes and purses and belts. She got to it first and is probably holding a machete in her right hand to keep the other kids away. That's not 40,000 years of affinity in her eyes; it's a reflection of the $40,000 in profit she's dreaming of.
Thanks Julie !

That was fun, anna1liese :-)

That's what's out the window pretty much all up the East coast, JT ~ the blue Pacific. Not always blue, obviously ~ I thought of getting another series going, different times of day, common theme ( dancing, procession etc ). Last time was 7 or 8 years ago ; the theme was Crusoe. There are posts here somewhere, about all that ...

So here it is.
Face to face with the fearsome Feike everyone's talking about.
Well, Ha !
You're not so smart. Know the difference between a half-hitch & a reef knot ?
Didn't think so.
That little girl happens to hold a degree in physics, & is thinking seriously now about becoming a nun, for your information which I don't normally put private information on OS about but anyway I'm not normal you ought to of watched it, it changed my life.
I just want my life back.
"Fearsome Feike"? Moi?

I'm a shrinking, wilting liana, ha ha ha. And I am too so smart and know all about half hitches and reef nots. "Half hitched" is when the groom doesn't show up at the altar but the bride decides to go through with it anyway because she doesn't want to give back the wedding presents.

And "reef not" - don't you mean "beef not"? My sister used to buy fake meat called "Beef Not", "Chicken Not" and "Pork Not" when she was unsuccessfully trying to become a vegetarian. It all tasted the same: Delicious Not. So there.

And where did your life go? Maybe Phyllis took it when she stole your hat! She buried it somewhere in her garden.
(((Kim))) Thanks for entertaining me :D
We don't talk about P..... any more. She's gone.
Then she came back.
We don't talk about her anymore.

I'm back on the Bunny Boiler case. The officer is ruly hot ?
Bunny Not ? Lasagna Not ? Fruitcake Not ? Fruitcake Much ?

I can't wait to discover America. Or Africa.

I got the brains, you got the looks, let's make lots of money !

( )
Well, I am officially jealous then. Lovely to have such a daily blessing and no wonder you stare out the window a lot : )
I will see this side of the Pacific tomorrow! I will wave to you over there, just over there on a further shore.
Here will be haystacks and cliffs to the edge, redwoods and fog, crashing waves, wild edge of the continent...
...this sylkie is so happy.

Oh, and I'll take the half hitches over the reef knot, just to butt in.
giggle, banging away- whoops! there goes one- aww, throw the other
...and I am so the one with the brains ;)
sticks, the guy in the the video, that reads totally different than what I meant...christ, I'll be shutting up now
Oh. Oh I completely missed the Knots. And the paintings. Well don't I feel...same as I always do.

As for this comment thread: it should be called Sense Not.
And ... ah ... who should we point the finger of blame for that, then, eh ?

I'll get up on a chair on the roof & wave !
& o yes, half-hitch is the one.

Julie, I'm the one one with the looks ?
ok, I can live with that ... sure you got the brains ?

Margaret I never feel the same either.
It's the weather.
Maybe you could read people's posts or something, before you comment ~ I don't know. I'd hate to make any value judgements about your state of mind or anything you don't know me I just want my life back can you try talking to my nephew ?
I was giving you brawn, but hell yeah you are prettier than me Kim. Older, but prettier.
Shucks, gorgeous :-)
We might have to arm-wrestle over that.
Ooops, did I just wander in to a bar?
I meant "into".

(damn Stoli)
Welcome to the far N Queensland Truckstop.
Stoli for you, what does the birthday boy drink ?
That's Jules over there, staring at her rack ~ seven lousy letters : QGXKPYT ~ nup.
Merci beaucoup.
Birthday boy is having Stoli, the owner a cup of tea.

Hey, Julie, you can beat him this time, I know it!
Interesting comments from Zimmerman's defense attorney yesterday who claimed that witnesses saw Zimmerman experiencing a beatdown prior to the shooting. I don't know what to think about this just yet.

However, this post's main point is spot-on. Like Beth, I've avoided walking past or walking in to a public area based on the appearance of the characters occupying that space. Those claiming that they never exercise this level of caution are liars, dreamers, or high.

I guess that signs posted on bank doors stating that those entering the premises must remove sunglasses, hats, and hoodies are just fashion-policing and not basing their policy on real world realities.
Who does that sound like?
That definitely sounds like a comment written for another blog ...
but I'm new here ; I don't know.
I agree, but I don't know.
I don't even know who Beth is.
I went out with a Beth once. I loved her.
Every now and then you do this. You teach. You show. And I want more, such as "and what of the cane beetle?"
I just 'got' Julie's comment. If I could text I'd have gotten ( weird word ) it earlier.
I said 'Holy defecation, batgirl,' then she said, 'guano, right ? ikr, igr ?'
ikr = I know, right ?
igr = I guano, right ?
I'm not always this slow. I won a race once.

& so DiBi,
Whose comment was it ? What post was it on ?

ah, the beetle.
It's still there.
They came up with an ( apparently ) safe fungus that attacks the beetle, but when it runs into the rivers & out to sea does no harm to coral or fish.
Too early to tell what it does to humans who ingest sugar ...
It's good to be gotten
and it was such a dorky thing I just couldn't bear trying to explain
You a dork ?
A gamer ?
... naah ;-)
do I have to read through this whole damn thread to find out about the added knots ?
can someone pass me the cliff notes or Jules's abbreviations?
Rita are you asking why there are knots ?
Reef knots ? Half-hitches ?
You are asking, like, why ?
Why there are knots ? Is that it ? You are asking why there are knots ?
You don't know why there are knots ?
Knots are what holds the flimsy fabric of society together. Without knots, we are all adrift.
Without knots, there'd be no point.
Without knots, the sky would not be blue, sometimes. Knots are the pepper in the stew, the violin in the concerto, the dragonfly hovering, above the pond.
Knots are life.
Everything else is unravelled string.
Have you found your life yet? Where did you last see it? Are there other animals in Australia besides crocs and cane toads? How come you've never written about the jackalope. I saw one once. In a mall. In Philadelphia! King of Prussia Mall; maybe Rita's seen it too. A jackrabbit with antlers. It wasn't hopping around the mall; it was in the window of a store. Stuffed. The guy said they're from Australia. Rare and hard to catch. Dangerous too. I've always wanted to see a live one but even zoos don't have them; I know because I've asked, at every zoo I've been to.
Yesterday my life was cowering under the bed. I tried luring it out with a nice chilled verdhello but my luck it turns out it's allergic to alcohol now it's in the bathroom throwing up thanks for asking I wish it would hurry up I need a shower it was a very long night.
I know about the jackalope ~ they were bred in a lab on an island off Finland. I read they bred a cross between a crocodile & a mouse too. Intrepid mouse, that one.
Apparently they successfully mated an anaconda with a cockatoo but the result was too obscene to give it a name. Similarly the Korean penis fish & the elephant. I wish they'd think about these things first.
Probably we'll end up down here with toads as big as buses that hop & perch in trees at night singing foul sea-shanties.
There's still drop-bears. ( ) ~ Look Up. Stay Alive. is the motto here.
Also there are a few platymus about ~ duck-billed arrangements with very long legs & teeth. They can outrun a Japanese tourist bus.
Fortunately harmless to Europeans, except Belgians.

Or knot, Larry.
I used to live in Hawaii, near cane fields, and let me tell you ten inches long and three pounds in weight is an underestimate for the size those bastards can grow to. Likewise the rats that came out when the cane was harvested. First time I saw one at night in the car headlights I thought it was a dog.
The toads BTW aren't native to Hawaii. They were introduced there too, and also caused ecological changes, just not as many as the rats. And then some dumbass thought to introduce the mongoose to eat the rats. Rats are nocturnal. Mongooses are not. They rarely meet, and now the latter is another problem instead of a solution. And on and on it goes.
oh. is that why you are so persnickety boo today.
GeeBee is there anything Hawaiians aren't over-compensating for ? !
Waves, surfers, presidents ... now toads & rats & mongeese !
I guess at least they can turn a mongoose into some kind of delicacy.
What idiot thought a mongoose could eat a poisonous toad ? I bet his name was Bruce. After his smashing success in Queensland he probably needed another ecosystem to challenge.
"First time I saw one at night in the car headlights I thought it was a dog." made me smile ~ thanks.

Rita, it was the damn toadaburras singing Yo, Ho & a Bottle o' Rum.
Hang on.
I just re-read you GeeBee. The Mongoose was introduced to control the rats ?
Maybe the toads will kill the mongeese ~ I don't even know if mongeese is the correct plural there. Phyllis would say mongii.
But why didn't they just import a few fox-terriers ? That's what we did in Sydney, when Bubonic Plague broke out in 1900.
It took 25 years, but thanks to those crazy little dogs, the situation was brought under control. One of the very few instances of successful biological control, I understand.
Listen up, you big bronzy Hawaiians !
What's a verdhello - a bordello that's gone green?
& starting today, at Bells Beach Victoria ...

Joel Parkinson is going to show Kelly Slater how to ride a wave.
Grammar lesson- words ending in -us are pluralized by removing the -us and adding -ii. Thus becomes thii, bus = bii, more than one tookus is tookii.

It's very easy, Kim, and I don't know why you want to introduce mongooses into the mix. Aren't they the animals that can kill a cobra, like Rikki Tikki Tavi? Anything that can outsmart a cobra like he did gets to pluralize any way he wants.
Margaret you're not listening.
I wasn't talking about boardgames, I was talking about a grape variety ~ they squash barrelfuls of it with barefeet, & between tinea & toenail fungus a fermentation process occurs resulting in a white but slightly green tinged wine.
The only green boardgames are cricket & snooker, & neither are played on a board. See ? This is what I was talking about.
You have to pay attention.
It's no good just skimming over things & assuming you know what's going on ~ you have to read every word, carefully.
Otherwise nothing makes sense !
Phyllis is correct.
Not that I believe her ; only because I was named after a book by the same lunatic who wrote Rikki Tikki Tavi.
That's right, Robert Louis Stevenson.
My real name is Treasure Island.
The name of my first pet, a fly, & the street I grew up on.
I grew up on an island, there was only one street.
Why is the plural of mongoose mongooses? Why isn't it mongeese? The plural of platypus is not platypii, nor is it platypi according to the never wrong wikipedia, it is platypus or platypuses, which just sounds stupid, or the Greek platypodes.

Why did I start this again? Oh yeah. Your grammar lesson is still incorrect Miss Phyllis.
Exactly what I was going to say, MM ;-)
I think there is a shelf I have to clean in the back of the fridge, and then maybe the grout on the shower bottom..ho hum. a couple dull edged pencils here too..
God forbid we're boring you Rita.
Just that some people care about the Joel Parkinson/Kelly Slater outcome, or the one between the mongoose & the toad, or who wrote Jungle Tales ~ speaking of Conan Doyle, did you know that as well as Sherlock Holmes & Jeckyll & Hyde, he wrote The Lost World, which James Crichton based his Jurassic Park on ?
Also, he believed in ghosts & fairies, & was a friend of Harry Houdini .
...not to mention all the coke he snorted...

I'm back from the coast.
I waved!

Rita might like a party, Kim.
...and Phyllis usurped the plurii bit.
JT Rita had a party. For her birthday.
I'd love to see photos of the Oregano coast.
I thought a post of the wild edge over here would be fun...I hope I get to it soon : )
It's the far northern Ca. coast though, where I was... 6 hours drive north from SF, 4+ hours southwest from home for us, a rugged wonderful drive...
Same area as a few posts ago ~ this time around, drenching torrents at the ocean's edge, life in the (temperate) rainforest. Redwoods and ocean together make a rare and lovely place.
Oregon is gorgeous. JT, I think you are only about a 6 hr drive from where I live. A few years ago I drove down the coast with a friend and stayed near Cannon Beach - so much like Tofino.
Hey, DiBi, I remember you : )
I live about 6 hours drive south of Cannon Beach, only 10 miles above the Ca. border, and inland, in the more dry Siskiyou mountains.
Not too far from you... and while I get tired of having no family out here, I just love so much about this land. Clean air too.
If you ever come further south, stop in!

I just looked at my coast photos with post in mind....geez, I look ancient. Would I subtract one day of my playing in the sun and sea if I were less wrinkled now? hell no.
The ocean is beautiful though and my mid-life crisis is not the point, so yes, I'll write a post : )
Candace's photos taken 12-ish hours' drive south of here on her road trip are similar and yet so different!
Just noticed your new photos...
Jackalope. Ha. : ) No one wants to admit they started proliferating only around leaking nuclear plants...of which there are many here in America, but no one wants you to know that.

Fancy knots there.
A reef knot is a pretentious sailor's term for square knot, Rita.
: )
I don't see a half hitch there. Unless 10 is supposed to be one...
No bowline!?
We learned the bowline knot with "the rabbit pops up out of the rabbithole, goes around the tree..." verse.
(No jackalope could teach that, those antlers getting all tangled...turning a respectable bowline into a sheepshank or something...)
You have that kids' verse in Australia?
Or some 'wallaby' version to learn knots by?
ps -- The water is just lovely where you are...
...that you, surfing there?
: )
Oh. My. God.

A real live honest to golly jackalope! S0 you've seen them!!! Isn't it terrible looking? Vicious and feral and mean, oh my. I think there's fangs behind that twitchy little nose too. No wonder zoos can't keep them; they'd scare all the kids away. Even Steve Irwin never had one on his show. That thing folks, is what killed the Easter Bunny. I just know it.

Now back to the hookers. Are they the ones who crush the grapes? I can see how it would be a nice change from being on your back most of the time. I wouldn't mind that job but do you have to be a hooker first?

And I do too pay attention. Although I've missed some things. Doofii is the plural of doofus. See? Conan the Barbarian was a good writer. But as usual you're getting all turned around the same way water in a drain runs the wrong way down there. He wrote Heckle and Jeckle and also was the creator of the television series "Lost." And he lived in Hyde Park, NY.

I'm just jealous of Phyl's hair. I want it. One of these days I'm gong to hunt her down and cut it off. And have it made into a wig for me.

How DARE you accuse me of anti-Semanticism. I love all Semantics even the ones I don't understand. However it would be fair to say I'm highly anti-Symbiotic. It should be a crime; I think it's an affront to nature. Now I have to peruse further and see what else needs straightened out here.

Oh, P.S. I wonder why you weren't named "Rikki", "Tikki" or "Tavi." Or "Nag." FYI, I always assumed you were named after Kim Kardashian.
Knot mnemonics : Granny ( knot ) ~ Granny rode around Ned's noose yesterday.
... me neither. I quit scouts before cubs, even. Too much dib-dib-dobbing going on in that hall at night, I thought.
That's not me surfing, no. Though I surf exactly like that.
Here's Coco from Hawaii, Sage from Cali & SALLY !!!! from here, at Bell's yesterday :

You've been at the Kidyard Rupling, I can smell it.
No-one in Australia had ever heard of Kim Kardashian until she came here selling underpants last year.
After she'd gone, everyone just looked at each other & asked What was THAT all about ?
We figured she must have been an American of some kind, but no-one knew what underpants had to do with any of it.
It remains one of Those Mysteries, like the Buffoguin.
I agree with you about Symbiotics ~ it's unnatural, & half the time
it doesn't make any noise when you turn it on.
Sally's surfing was amazing...
...yeah, I surf like that too.
Just like that.
I hate to admit I could barely understand her...I'm sure once we'd spent an afternoon surfing, and we'd kicked back some sake, I'd understand her accent quite clearly.

There are many Americans who also are shaking their heads wondering "WTF!?" about the Kardashians too!
I promise.
Aren't there??
Anybody out there?
Thanks ( on Sally's behalf ) JT ~ though Coco & Sage are pretty good too. I like watching women surf much more than men these days ~ the lines are more flowing, less aggressive.
In these comps it's down to the luck of the wave, & so far Sally's holding up ahead ~ & ps. I couldn't understand a word she said either. Seriously.
BONUS CLIP : the point off my place, beginning with the top of the lane where I live ( Bower Lane ) ~ a short run down to the water, & sorry about the music !
& diving ...
~ as you can see by the light, it's a shallow bay ; that's all in 10' or less.
If you get bored with the first clip ( understandable ) jump to Big Sunday, Winki & Deadman's ( better music too ). Winki's is the point break, Deadman's just around behind it, closing out against the bottom of a cliff ~ for the nutso, but beautiful to watch.
It's quarter to three am, I have to get up in a few but had to find out what Winki was, what it had to do with that terrifying rabbit and why the rabbit is chasing someone in and out of the hole to catch a reef knot.
Perhaps this is a dream, if so, that's me in the pipeline in my next life.
Watch the fishies one, Rita. Nice music, good for dreams.
They are calming and beautiful but they negate the anxious feeling I have at three am, one thing I regret, is never having surfed and please, fifty three is too late. It must be amazing. So for dreams I'll take the Winki please.
A rubber mat, a pair of fins, & 53 is just the beginning. That's surfing.
You know, I only have had a couple minutes on the computer since we got home from the coast this latest time ' do I respond to all the lovely comments on my post, or at least begin? no...
I come over here and check in, see if any parties here have any leftover crumbs, I notice your YouTube links you put there in your last comment to me, and begin checking out the surfers in your neighborhood...I do think I saw your window and you waving....then think, "How cool to see Kim's neighborhood, I wonder if my town has been videoed....?"
Then the entire hour just disappeared sucked into watching amateur videos taken by tourists of my town, filming the most dull possible choices of all to film in our town, all titled "Fairyland of Anna's Town" or similar, swap out town name for Anna's town, of course....
Ai yi yi.
I felt that loss of one hour of my life deeply. That one chance on the computer almost as deeply (okay, well, that's an exaggeration, but...)...
I could have been surfing.

Your video clips were fun, anyway, and yes, godawful music there.
Do great whites hang out your way like they do here on our side of the sea, looking for any little surfer dressed up as a seal on a cracker? What? It is what wetsuits and surfboards resemble...seals on a cracker.
Think I'll find time to reply to comments today : )
The trouble with 'seals on a cracker' is that seals don't taste like you expected them to, by which time you've ruined a perfectly good wetsuit, surfboard, & traumatised everyone. It's no good just returning the cracker to the tray thinking no-one noticed. Everyone noticed.
No, no Great Whites here, just Duskies, Grey Nurse & Wobbegongs, all friendly.
In murky conditions & poor light Bull Sharks sometimes hit people.
Conditions best avoided anyway.
Must check out your town ~ I remember a video You made, of one of your boys' unique way to get to school ~ must go back & look again.
Good luck with all the comments :-)
So you understand the great whites' trouble.
"I thought it might be yummy. I didn't want that stringy human in there...who keeps tricking me with that awful tasting rubbery skin..."
So I put him/her back.
...where's that cracker again?

I will confess to having deleted that post. And the Christmas one with all the family photos. Too personal photos/posts I tend to delete after awhile.
As if paranoia had entered the room.
As if.

We do have a lovely town though.
All the tourists say so.
You are formally invited.
It's right close to...
Your wobbegongs are friendly!!???
(What the hell is a wobbegong?)
Two weeks of comments and counting? I've only skimmed a few hundred of them but I daresay you've all veered off-topic.
Veering off-topic *isn't* the point over here??
: )
...and after some complicated calculating...
Mr. Gamble, you are awake at 6am on a Saturday morning??

Enough jollies, back to work (talking to myself here)...

Ferdinand Porsche died yesterday -- kindly remove hat, bow head and thank the man for the designing the lovely 911.
Such a car.
And I tend not to care about cars...but that one?
The Wobbegong ( Eora for 'bearded' ) or Carpet Shark is the patterned one you see in the diving video there
( ) ~ mainly they just lay on the sandy bottom looking beautiful.
Re. the times ~ I think OS is 14 hours ( EST ), & your West coast 12 hours behind Sydney time.

What off-topic ? I thought feral animals parlayed neatly into knotty problems & strange experiments.
Admittedly surfing is a bit of a stretch, but you feel much better afterwards.
Here in Oregon we're 3 hours behind EST, in Pacific Time. Colorado/Montana, etc. is two hours behind in Mountain Time, Ohio one hour behind in Central Time. Now the Daylight Savings Time has taken effect and we've all moved an hour forward in time, except Hawaii who refuses to play, another reason to move to Hawaii -- Daylight Savings Time sucks, messes with one's internal clock too much), so in case there wasn't confusion before about times, hopefully now there is.
This comment will officially post at 12:08-ish pm, Saturday, my time.
Sun is out.
The garden is beckoning.
...and an errant ) showed up....
Well it's 7 am here, whatever that means ...
It's not nearly 10am Sunday there?
I am confused.
It is kind of fun, I admit.
2pm here and the garden is still being ignored. Youngest and I can waste time so easily. He is now officially taller than me. Eeek.
So much trouble, youngests are.
I thought What time is it ? was our line :(
Just general confusion and an actual question, Rita!
No usurping of lines meant.
It was evening there a minute ago, now it's was just morning here a minute ago now it's 2 in the afternoon and I've not gotten one accomplishment accomplished today. Except laughing/arguing and competing with Youngest over here.
Just general confusion. : )
Jt: Laugh here. It seems whenever we are up here in the middle of the night at Truckstop or my blog, Kim is at his evening dinner and half our conversations are "hey, what time is it there"
I have marveled at your middle of the night community for awhile now, Rita. I awake every night at 3am, but have never gotten online or turned on a light. I tend to stare out the window for hours, which I have mentioned to you before. I'd be disconcerted at all the others times of day online not being that same special hour.
There is something so....beyond words, I guess....about the middle of the night. Like being in the cardboard box clubhouse as a kid and you and your best friend are the only ones in the world with all the secrets. Only the special few get to join.
You guys seem to find that here.
I'm here too, I suppose, just saying hi through the moon. : )
What time is it, Rita ?