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Kim Gamble
July 13
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JUNE 4, 2012 7:29PM

How green my garden ( for tg within )

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 A bowl of blue and white korean shards,

a tiny chinese figurine of an elderly man in a yellow cloak

and a bonsai red geranium, or pelargonium, I forget which ...

My sister left it, years ago. 

I don't know where the time has gone.


Days sand-whistled and spun, silk cocoon, mulberry sun ...

I miss the tree the girls would climb and come down coloured in juice,

the copse of shade, the butterfly path, chickens and eden ...

Here, the garden lies beneath ;

seahorse nibble seaweed ; clouds mount, nights not cold but longer now. 




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Ah, simply Ah. Tilting the coffee cup your way. R. :-)
Lovely dear.
{Holding up a beer in salute}
It's lovely. Sunrise over the water. I miss the ocean a lot.
Somehow, I think ...
wherever ... however ... your garden grows ...
truly ... truly it ...
and you ...
are ever ... ever green ...
under such a loving warming sun ...
I am pretty sure that is a begonia and they live forever unlike the sunset that fleets for only hours.
time floats and flies, i think, depending on whether one is sad or joyous, and as i grow older i try to see both states as sustaining, waiting to be eaten, which tends to average them out. i love this sentence: "Days sand-whistled and spun ; silk cocoon, mulberry sun." love love.

and that's a red geranium just like the ones you see in pots on parisian balconies, so your first stab at the name got it right. xoxo
Thanks, lovely people. Cheers.
You have the artist's elegant eye.
Was the second picture taken from inside your bunker?
Nice. Very nice. I can almost hear the water over the trucks idling out my window.
Ah mulberry sun, son.. . Eden.. oh my time flies.
This is a gorgeous wonderful thing here.
geranium, or's like they are some mathematical equation applied to prehistoric beauty (plants, flowers) turned into something someone could leave behind, along with time, stretching the night to the edge, and sometimes, now and then, beyond that artificial limit...
...and sylkies splash...

You have The Octopus's Garden : )
If there's such a thing as sweet melancholy, this is it.
elegant, and with a heads up, a nod, to sisters.

every woman i meet i shall heretofore say;
Here, the garden lies beneath ;
Beautiful words. "Days sand-whistled and spun ; silk cocoon, mulberry sun." Especially love this.

Thank you
Wish I could write a tune to candace's favorite phrase...cause it's my favorite phrase, too.
Gorgeous where you are, you lucky devil.
Ah man, Kim, "nights not cold, but longer now." Capture a life in a phrase.
Your words well. And the pictures are beautiful. And yes the nights do seem to get longer and people go away and new people come in. But, only the moment you live in right now really matters for the most part. Right?

The past is good to reflect on. Just not too much maybe for me. I think you might understand when I say, "My families past for the most part is nothing I want to remember." But maybe not, anyway you are a great writer.
Sometimes a tiny garden can hold a whole world, but not an ocean sunset with a gentle breeze...
You write such beautiful poems. I love this and the photos.
rated with love
Oh I love this reflective piece, Kim.

Beauty in the simple garden; the gift of the majesty the eyes behold; and in the garden of your thoughts.
You did a thing with meter there -

I miss the tree the girls would climb and come down coloured in juice.

It's a seven-foot line, like a fourteener. Mostly iambic. But "coloured in juice" injects an unexpected triplet, or maybe an anapest, into the last foot. Hmmmmmmm........

We'll talk about the spelling of "colored" another time.
Kim,a beutiful blue garden.!!!""I don't know where the time has gone'' Gardens have this effect...Lovely and beautiful!!Rated
Just so you know, seahorses don't "nibble". They're wild rapacious creatures that gobble everything in sight, even animals and small children - whether they're hungry or not. They're crafty too; it takes a special person to own one. When I was a kid I had a pet seahorse and it took some time but by God I broke it and we rode hither and yon sometimes for days on end. I learned everything I know about life love and kelp on the back of that critter . It's also how I earned my nickname: the Seahorse Whisperer.
Thanks again, friends, very much.
Yes a little melancholic, jls ~ tg within's piece set off a kind of longing ... whether the shadows or the colour there, & the garden here I miss.

I love & appreciate your comments ~ again, thank you.

DB, that line : I was aware of the difference, but had no idea there might be a name for it. O the freedom of ignorance ;-)
Stathi thanks, & don't mind Margaret. She's mad.
I am not mad! I'm in an excellent mood although my mosquito bites are driving me crazy.
Sorry to add, those shards are terrible feng shui -- maybe their removal might help? One doesn't have to believe in feng shui for it to work , as I've learned first hand : )
JT, I didn't want to be the one to point it out but shards of Koreans have got to be more than terrible feng shui - my God, who ever came up with such a ghastly idea.
Although I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't admit to indulging in an occasional face mask containing Filipino fragments. It's my only vice and it's done wonders for my complexion.
@ Margaret: Well, *I* have a ground glass mattress topper to my waterbed --
no, wait.
JT, that sounds kinky in a way I can't quite put my finger on.

Coffee salute from the North Sea side.
Kim,look what lovely tribute you received
Ah man, Kim, "nights not cold, but longer now." Capture a life in a phrase."(John Bayerl)
Your thoughts arereaching over across the ocean.They seem to have no problems touching the heatrs anywhere in the world.
Thank you.
It is a pleasure to know you this way.

When we were heading into our winter, I envied you a little, getting to begin your summer. Winter skies are the consolation prize here too.
Make a nice fire and a cup of cocoa, and draw that scruffy scrappy geranium, kinda like you.
Good morning, Kim. Lovely images.
Thank you Kim. It appears your garden is still lust with voices. The photos are lovely. I'm going to get me some chickens soon...
That last photo is horribly, frighteningly good. Your words convey heartache and gentle acceptance.
Chicken Maaan,your words are strong like an earthquake,just adequate for Kim's image.
What a lovely garden indeed. You created the Green in your title out of blue, white, yellow, red, and mulberry, That's good gardening, and beautiful to behold.
So how green WAS your garden - betcha it wasn't as green as my valley.
Seriously though, the shards...
Blessed : a garden of comments ~ thankyou.

( Margaret it was citrus & viridian, chartreuse & honeydew, olive, lime, mint, asparagus, pistachio & phthalo, with pockets of black emerald, where bandicoots blinked.)

Scruffy scrappy person shuffles back to bed ...
The shards are talisman ; they remind me of another time, & impermanence, like the old chinaman.
I thought those shards must be special as they've been with you for a long time, as you say...I hesitated to even mention, figuring you are not the kind to keep shards that mean nothing...but do consider. I'm not a fanatic or anything about feng shui, but I have been shocked by changes in my life when I've followed some of the practical considerations. What if they're honored in a different way, but not in visual view each day?
Don't laugh, but when I cleaned our 'wealth corner,' the very next day, husband won well over a grand in the lottery (that he plays at all has been a source of much teasing from me...I quit teasing that day, and keep our wealth corner clean : )).
I'm laughing that I'm even writing this comment at all, I sound so superstitious!
...but may a little good fortune come your way (and even more, since you're going to keep those shards right in view each day, aren't you?) may any splintered areas of your life grow whole (*bowing*)...

I have a tiny old chinaman figurine/talisman I keep on my sill, reminder of a different world, a long gone era. : )
I loved all your greens there, the ones you told Margaret about. Green is my favorite. The chartreuse you mention, an acid tone, has been splashed through every house I have inhabited, evergreen has been with me forever, from childhood fantasies of owning an MG with spoke wheels (British racing green, they call it), to the labradorite ring I fashioned for myself. Green is great.

It is your mulberry stained memory that moves me most.

Do you have succulents there? They might suit your gardening style.:-)

Came back for more.
My name means evergreen, so I have it with me always.

I have a feng shui book but I've never actually done what it says. It might be time.
Beautiful. With your permission, this will be forwarded to my sister in Michigan, for reading at her poetry group.
JT, thank you.
My ex mom-in-law is an astrologer/tarot/feng shui professional. Believe me I know.
She still does my progressions, & calls me if there's a black dog on the path ahead. I love her very much. But I will place my shards with gay abandon.
( I thought lotteries were only for the mathematically challenged. You can't be a builder and mathematically challenged.)
I'm not surprised you have an old chinaman too :-)

Pandora, good to see you again. I love British Racing Green motorcars too. Mine would be a 1940 4.5 Bentley Blower. I wouldn't say no to an MG TF or TC either :-)
I've had succulents, but they aren't very cuddly, I found.

Phyllis, that's a lovely meaning. Feng Shui ~ what can go wrong ?

Tom, you're welcome. I'm not sure how these words would carry without the pictures, but thank you.
Kim... holy shit. Sorry for using a bad word but you left me speechless here. You're as skilled with words as you are with images, or, I don't know, you're able to move seamlessly between both mediums. Some damn thing or another, I'm not particularly gifted in art-critic-speak though sometimes I can fake it.
Thinking how hard it must be to move from one lush green place,home.
Hoping for new gardens to plant, a place to sit and view it and rooms with good light for painting all to come soon.
To each his own; while I like the pictures, I'm sorta with Paul Simon on this:

"They'll never match my sweet little 'magination"

Or somethin' like that
Oh, that's too funny, Kim.
Sorry if I'm repeating ad nauseum then : )
You might understand then that when we bought this fixer I didn't know whether to be more anxious that I could see the fireplace from the front door, that outdoors, the Green Dragon side is *lower* than the White Tiger side, that there are poison arrows everywhere, or that I'd ever got into learning about feng shui in the first place!

As for the builder, one would thing that after all these years, we would be less mysterious to each other rather than more, but that's not the case with us...not even close.
It's fun this way??
...she added, ever hopeful. : )
" would think..."
Thanks nan.
When it comes to art-critic-speak I confine myself to comments like, " There's something sensual going on here, I'm afraid," or " 'Rocking Horse', don't you think ?" and "I'll have another red, if you've got one, thanks." Also : "Will this take long, is it ?"
I haven't tried "Holy shit," myself, but I will.
But there's no need for any of that ~ I'm just glad you read it.

Rita, one day. Not in my lifetime, maybe, but definitely the girls will find their way back. They were born there, & I think they both know it.

Tom, ok !

Just Thinking,
As long as we abide by the "Avoiding tigers in the smallest room" principle, I'm sure things will be fine.
Oh, I"m sure there's a clever come back for that tiger comment, but heck if I can think of one, as my eyes blur and grow heavy...Margaret?
I do try my best to avoid cougars in small's not all peaceful tree toads and singing larks around here...okay, any singing lark around here would be an action, not a bird...well, that's enough of..

'Night. : )
Further Feng Shui tips :

"Dangle gold ingot in wealth corner induce prosperity."

"Paint walls purple, ceilings green. Carpet black. This enable occupant find somewhere else to live."

"Place small ornaments on floor at random interval for greater agility."

"If wall faces West, tear it down."

"Plants such like Canadian Redwood in bathroom inhibit movement."

"Hall facing North, remove floor & replace with deep pool. This discourage unwanted guest."

"Where wall meet ceiling, remove. Also where toilet meet floor."

"Not be alarm by burglar. Land-mine all path."

"Window to South, destroy. Dangle many photograph of North."

"Chair in corner, face corner."

You're very welcome.
Feng Shui RED FLAG # 2: Your bedroom is dark, with very little natural light; your closets are overflowing, and the bed is directly facing the door.

--->Yep, that's my bedroom, basically a tomb.

Ask yourself a simple question - if the love of my life walked today into my home and my bedroom, will he or she stay or run for his or her life?

---->Run for his life!

I hope your space is telling all the good stories about you and the loved one chooses to stay.

---> Max thinks it's perfect!
Getting caught up in the comment stream, forgot to mention this a lovely, lyrical piece, Mr. Poet-Artist.
I miss having a garden, too.
If she is sitting on the edge of said bed I'd go for "stay," but what do I know ?
Probably take the door off its hinges and place it at an angle.
It sounds corny but it's actually quite mysterious.
The mysterious door off its hinges, leaning at an angle in the door frame? Have you done that before?
I'm quite good at that.
Know a feng shui trick for getting a husband home on our anniversary?
...oh, too late....
'Tis wistful thoughts consume me this day.
At least there's a home. Hence the out of town...
Ooohhhh, how to get a canoe on a BMW and out to the lake on my own....?
Large boat on small car brings paragliding adventure soon.
Eh, more Chinese fortune cookie than feng shui...
...or is it?

(I have got to get more work going : ))
ps on all the feng shui snark -- Husband might say, Mr. feng shui disbeliever himself: Have any of you won money after you cleaned up your wealth corner?? : )