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SEPTEMBER 27, 2008 2:29PM

My Thoughts Exactly: Debatable Dialogue

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Whew...just made it through all the headlines and coverage about last night's debate, and the "my thoughts exactly" headline winner goes to...(drumroll)

Tom Shales, The Washington Post's Style Columnist (which I find strangely appropos and disturbing all at once):

"McCain's High Horse Meets Obama's High-Mindedness"

And if I were still a drinking woman, without toddler in the next room, if I had played Joan's drinking game last night, I would have had a mighty hangover. Instead I have this slightly sick feeling in my stomach ala the superb Iron Pundit.

And my two cents...program directors take note...we should always have that split screen when these two guys get together.

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McCain insulted his opponent by not making eye contact during the actual debate, and he insulted us, the audience as well by barely making eye contact.

A sorry performance.

Chris Matthews asked an interesting question: Do the American people want to listen to the "troll-like" utterances of John McCain as president for four years, assuming he's lives that long?
Everytime I see the derisive smirk I just wanna...I can only imagine what a world leader would feel. Foreign policy
I agree. I read his stuff all the time, and I don't spend too much time on style pages in general, so that's a big compliment :-)
I missed the drinking game. Damn it.