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FEBRUARY 27, 2010 11:14PM

Hypertext Test Drive

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Irvington KY



 I know this LOOKS like great literature, but I'm just trying to learn how to hypertext....

Great literature.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yep, they're definitely going to be studying Kit Duncan in lit classes a hundred years from now - I can see the question on the final -

"Who was the world famous writer who never learned how to hypertext?" 

 Every student who ever takes that test will get the answer RIGHT!

Except that kid sitting along the back row by the windows who slept all the way through the semester.   I just KNOW he or she is going to get ALOT of things wrong.

My guess is that he, or she, will be president some day. 


from the files of MrsRaptor: 

the syntax is [a href="url"]Link text[/a] Just replace the [ and ] with the appropriate left and right arrows and replace what is inside the quotes with the actual URL to what you are linking to. Where it says "link text" you put in the person's name or the title of what you are linking to. Et. Viola... you have linked. 


OK - let's see, what link shall I try to attach to this post...

OH!  I know.  My YouTube channel


Heck, THAT can't be right.  All I did there was cut and past.


Let me try something else here.  OK - Let's say I want to say something like, "Hey, folks, check out this great YouTube channel of Kit Duncan's!"

Only, let's say I want the words "Kit Duncan's" to be hypertexted.

Now, let's see if I can do it thata way.


[Nope, that didn't work.] 


Here's the new sentence, with hypertexting (cross your fingers, hang onto the good china, plug up your ears - and if you can do all that at the same time you're alot more talented than I am - I just tried doing it and I slapped myself stupid!

OK - Here's the sentence:

Hey, folks, check out this great YouTube channel of Kit Duncan's!


[No.  That neither....]


And then, from the sheer goodness of her heart MrsRaptor steps in and says:

 Allow me to show you how to do it... 

WITHOUT the left and right arrows... 

"Hey, folks, check out this great YouTube channel of[a href=""]Kit Duncan's[/a]


Let's try this again: "Hey, folks, check out this great YouTube channel of Kit Duncan's!"


Oh, my very GOODNESS!  I'm a flippin' GENIUS!  A GENIUS, I tell you!!!

OK - Maybe not, but I can cut and paste with the best of 'em.  MrsRaptor - THANK You!!!  I'm leaving this up in case anyone else might find it a handy little tool....

And hey, if it draws a few folks over to my very lovely little channel on YouTube, so be it -

Oh.  What's that?  You want a SAMPLE???  OK.  Let me see what I can come up with...

Oh, this one's kind of fun...


That's me on the right playing the spamitar that I built, and Ella Rose on the left - we accidentally went headless. We hate it when that happens. And no, Ella Rose don't usually wear what she's wearing there - we had planned on doing a Hillbilly Opry video but decided not to at the last minute.


 Thanks, MrsRaptor!!!

 OH!  Let me CORRECT that:

Thanks, MrsRaptor!!! 









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You forgot to replace the [ and ] with

I have confidence... you can do it.
shift comma? shift period?

ok - let me get a url to link to and see what catastrophe I can cause - hey - if the whole internet collapses it is NOT my fault! Well, maybe it's my fault... I don't know.

OK - Here goes.....
Whaaa? Now explain HYPERTEXT
And just to be evil... when done correctly... it works in comments too... SEE
Gabby... Hypertext is what is used when we link to things in our blogs... like my post earlier with the Index to the "Letter to Me" Open Call.
Mrs Raptor - You ARE evil. You must be destroyed....

No, I'm going to get this by golly, if it takes me all night!!!! (I think I'm being optimistic....)
WHAT!?!?!? No RATINGS!!?!?
Allow me to show you how to do it...

WITHOUT the left and right arrows...

"Hey, folks, check out this great YouTube channel of[a href=""]Kit Duncan's[/a]
OK - Let me take that into the drawing room - I mean put it on the drawing board - or whatever!


Yep, looks like I did finally get it. This is what comes of having a very good mentor!!! Thank you, MrsRaptor for taking time to show me this, and spell it out so clearly. Hey! Can I give YOU a rating on MY page?
Ha! Clever post.
Nope, sure can't give me a rating on your page. Tell you what... Pay it forward... and *teach* someone else do it.

Be careful though... your next lesson is linking to pictures. Which is also fairly simple.
Linking to PICTURES!?!?

Ooh. That could be all kinds of fun!

OK - I'll go ahead and leave this little blog up just in CASE it helps anyone else - because I have been scratching my head in bewilderment over this for like a month and half!!!!

Now that I don't have to scratch my head in bewilderment anymore, what in the world am I going to do with all this free time????
Images are easier than hypertext...

Images are just [img src="url" /] replacing what is between the quotes with the URL to the picture that you want to post.

For instance: If I wanted to link to a picture of a litter of puppies that we had a while back I would use the following syntax...
[img src="" /] and replace the brackets with the same arrows that we used to create the hypertext.
Spam makes me ill but, man, that Spam guitar played by your skillful fingers makes some sweet sounds. Excellent!
Thank you for this public service announcement! RATED!
Yeah, I can't stand RAW spam but I eat it by the carton cooked. The whole thing with the spamitars came about after I had invested a total of nearly $300 in two "real" dulcitars without being completely satisfied with either one of them. So my son and I playfully decided to see if we could make one ourselves and we wondered how CHEAPLY we could do so - this is what we came up with. Oh. And the cost of making it? $12. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

OH! Let's see if I can put a link here to my blog where I compare those other two dulcitars! Let's see:

To put the link to my Comparing Dulcitars blog in the comments section I just inserted [a href=]Comparing Dulcitars[/a] - except I replaced the left and right brackets with the left and right arrows.


Thank you, MrsRaptor, for taking time to hold my hand on this!

Now - let us go forth merrily and hypertext to our very heart's contentment!
LOL this was fun thanks for info!!!!
I love the Spamatar. Sounds beautiful. That reminds of an instrument a friend of mine built - the Fallopian Tuba.
Scarlett - that's not fair - I literally had just taken a big swig of coke when I read about the Fallopian Tuba, and now my puter screen is a MESS! But, um - and I do so hesitate to ask, how does one actually PLAY a fallopian tuba? I'm guessing there's, um, BLOWING involved?