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MAY 30, 2010 12:33AM

It's Electric! (OC Repost)

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When I was a young whipper snapper I was quite the dancer.  I have found, however, that one dances better when one owns a fairly intact pair of knee caps.  I have not had an ounce of cartilage in my knees since 1994.

The last time I danced publicly I prepared for it the way some people prepare for their bar mitzvah.  Diligently, religiously, with some degree of trepidation.

I had gone to a bar with my friend Elvin one night and they were doing this wonderful dance called The Electric Slide.  Oh, I was totally taken with it. Naturally, being more of a voyeur than a performer, I sat in a dark corner sipping on a beer.  I loved watching people dance, I loved dark corners, and I enjoyed sipping on beer.  I was convinced that my eternal reward would involve watching people dance as I sipped on a beer from a dark corner.

The more I watched the people dance to The Electric Slide, the more I longed to dance with them.  I couldn’t get the music out of my mind.

So the following Monday after work I went out and bought the cassette of Marcia Griffiths singing The Electric Slide.  I showed up at Elvin's apartment unannounced; I was so passionate about learning this dance I didn't even have the courtesy to tell him I was coming.  He was very gracious, though - he invited me in, we moved some furniture around, and he showed me how to do it step by step.  I left his house sometime after 1 am.

I lived and breathed The Electric Slide for two weeks, and finally I told Elvin I was ready, and we went back to the bar.  Man, I was PUMPED!!!! 

I got my beer, found my dark corner, watched, and waited, like a panther anticipating its prey.

Around 11:30 or so I heard those magical opening words through the PA system: "IT'S ELECTRIC!"  Folks rushed to the dance floor, and Elvin looked around for me through the crowd, saw me, motioned for me to join him.  I skipped gleefully across the room and took my place next to him.  One can skip gleefully across the room when one actually owns a pair of knee caps.

I remember Elvin and I were on the front row.

Oh, my - what a dream come true!  I dipped when I was supposed to dip, I turned when I was supposed to turn, I clapped when I was supposed to clap. Heck, I even faced the right direction all but once! 

I also kicked when I was supposed to.  This went well, the first few times. But about three fourths of the way through the song, so delighted with my great success was I, so tickled that I was still in step, that I hadn't stumbled - I kicked with a little extra enthusiasm.  I kicked exactly when I was supposed to kick, and I kicked exactly in the direction that I was supposed to kick.  

I kicked too hard.  I kicked my right Birkenstock off my foot, and it soared gracefully across the room, much like a spiraling football.  It landed in the middle of a table where a couple was sitting.  They were not amused.

Now that I recall, Elvin never took me dancing again.



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haw haw
kit and birkenstocks
how mortified you must have been - and then i bet you laughed until beer came out your nose. thanks for being you, kit.
dianaani - Mortified? ME???? Nah. I just very gracefully hobbled over to the table, picked up my Birk, and didn't bat an eye.

Elvin tells a different story, something involving me running in humiliation from the building and him collecting my errant Birk and bringing it to me while I was wailing in the parking lot.

The truth lies somewhere in between.
You fought the good fight, kept the faith and were IN THERE slidin' kickin, clappin, dippin and sippin. You were a contendah...and probably kicked butt on style points...especially rated for the difficulty of landing that shoe in the middle of the couple's table.
This was contagiously fun! Many thanks!

Do you want my cartilage instead of that kidney I promised you? ;-)
Persistent - Yes. "Style points." Let us start a rumor using the words "Kit" and "style" in the same sentence - just for funsies!!!

What? Are you selfish? What's wrong with giving me the kidney AND cartilage? Only ONE set of knee cartilage. I don't want to appear, you know, SELFISH!
Very funny Kit! I'm just getting to know you but I can see we're going to be really good friends!
That is funny! Are you back in the dark corner with your beer?
How about a well placed shoe in the hiney of that spam kitty above?
Hah! This was great! I used to be a great dancer too. I even won two twisting contests as a kid. Yes, I am that old!
An amusing tale, Kit! It makes me remember a time when people actually did that dance, not all that long ago, and how very, very intoxicated I was the first time I attempted it.

I must give you kudos on the flying sock, however, thus proving that anything involving socks is sure to lead to chaos.

(I have a theory about that, but later...later..)

Anyway, rated for a good bellylaugh!
Little Kate - LOL!!!! Glad you had a good time with this - I've been listening to this video over and over. Boy, I miss my knee caps!

Dave - In the dark corner, yes. Drinking a beer? Nah. I sort of lost my taste for that....

Gabby - WHAT spam kitty??? Hahahaaaaa. I sent the little spam-a-cat packing as soon as I saw it using my blog for a kitty litter box....

scanner - Yep, I remember doing the twist to Chubby Checkers in our basement. And, not to, you know, try to keep up with the Jones (or scanners, as the case may be) - I, too, won a dance contest when I was a kid. When I was in my thirties? Not so much...

Oh, Doug, Would that it WERE just a sock! You gave me quite a grin there - imagining doing the slide while intoxicated.... Now, THAT would be a video!!!! (Say - you DO have "footage" of you doing the electric slide while drunk, right??? Because that DEFINITELY sounds like EP materials!!