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JUNE 13, 2010 7:12AM

KP Awards 13 June 2010

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Here in a few minutes, Monkey Sue will be handing out this week's Kit's Pick's Awards.  I asked her if I could say a few words first, and she graciously agreed.

This week, for the first time since we've been compiling the kp awards, I have included one of my own posts.  I did this at the recommendation of Cranky Cuss, someone I admire and respect very much.  I do feel a little awkward about this, but decided to do it anyway.  I do everything Cranky tells me to do.  (I have begged him to not make any requests involving bridges).

My selections for the kp awards are obviously subjective.  For example, because I do not gravitate toward reading about politics or food, among other topics, you are not likely to see articles written in these areas on my list.  This is not to say there are not excellent posts abut these topics, only that because I generally do not frequent these subjects they are not likely to be on this list.

I hope there are others who are more interested in and knowledgeable of food, politics, current events, etc, than I am who will consider doing something similar to promote writers in those areas. 

And now, let me turn the floor over to the Queen of the Southern Sock Monkeys to hand out this week's well deserved Kit's Picks!


Hi!  Monkey Sue here.  WOW, do we have a lineup for you this week!

There has been a plethora (I just learned that new word this weekend - snazzy, huh!  Only, I'm not sure if it's "there has been a plethora" or there have been a plethora") of excellent writing in these OS halls this week. All's I know for SURE is that there have been a MESS of really great posts this week! 

If you missed any of these wonderful works, take a minute or two and visit them. There are some really extraordinary essays here!!

And now - Since I've got the MICROPHONE - I want to say something else. Kit won't say this because she's afraid she'd be accused of BROWN NOSING!  But heck, I ain't scared of NOTHIN'.  (Well, except being tied up to the lawn mower again, but that's another story.)

Anyway - Here's the thing.

 ms w mic 061310

:tap, tap, tap"  Testing, one, two three, one, two, three."

As part of this week's Kit's Picks Award Ceremony, I am bestowing two honorary KP's.  First to our new editor,  Emily Holleman.  She has improved the cover exponentially by including a rich variety of writers.  She has a good eye for layout, making the covers visually attractive and dynamic.  And by reinstituting the 4 Hour Feed, she has generated a more interesting and enjoyable OS experience.  One gets the sense that Emily really has a pulse on the readership and the writership.  Kit and I, and I think many of us here, appreciate this very much!

Secondly, I am giving Charles Yoo, OS Web Analytics Manager, an honoray kp.  Charles is a talented journalist.  He provides a daily trends post.  Kit and I disagree to some extent about "trending," but we both agree that Charles' work is designed to enhance the OSer experience.  Sometimes Charles just gives us the trend list, and sometimes he provides some discussion.  He responds to comments on his blogs.  And he does so with grace and skill. Thank you, Charles!

And thanks to each of you who wrote wonderfully this week - Here is a sampling of some of the best works on OS this past week.  Congrats!!

 ms kp award 061310a


Kit Duncan: Dance of Life

Gary Justis: Measures

Mimetalker: Baha'i Prisoners

Fay Paxton: Road Trip

l'Hheure Bleue: I'm Not Normal

Cranky Cuss: Vinyl Words

dianaani: St Olafs Kirke

Amanda G: Messiah

Susan C Joy: OS Pimping

PattyJane: Vatican Haters

Writer Mom: Erotic Ecstasy

LC Neal: OS Words

sueinaz: Little Primate

Cap'm Parrotdead: Dood

Kim Gamble: Forgiven

Persistent Muse: Hostas

L in Southeast: Outburst

Truth Quest: Joy

older/Exasperated: Aging

Judeath: Path to Contentment

Doug Socks: Synthetic Life

Denise Montgomery: Vampires

FusunA: My Father

ladyslipper: Twin Peaks Log Lady

Amanda G: Immortal Husband

Two Thumbs: I Hate Puberty

Dave Rickert: Tears of Oil

Audrey Ohley: Payroll

nolalibrarian: Libraries

Bernadine: Factory Work

Ann Nichols: Dad

zanelle: Forgiving the Unforgiving

hatchetface: BP

DenseiW: Titillating Titles

dianaani: Your Son Trygve

SheilaTGTG55: What You See

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Kit: I made the cut! Hooray! I am grateful and humbled. I also appreciate your links to the other pieces. I probably would not have found some of them in the bowels of OS. Gold Star for you.
Tip of the hat to you, Monkey Sue and Dave in the post above mine. I feel like I did when I had the dream that I made the cuts to heaven...the floor I was standing on became transparent and ...but I digress. Thanks for the links, the encouragement and for being such a huge part of my addiction to OS. I will enjoy discovering new ideas and new authors! ;) Star, tiara and a warm puppy to you!
Kit, you and Monkey Sue are so much fun. I really appreciate you two. Can't believe I made it again. More importantly, you listed several I haven't read. It's great to have the recommendation. Thanks for another super idea.
OMG, I MADE IT, I MADE IT! I'd like to thank the hunks who rang my doorbell and made this all possible; and Monkey Sue, for her democratic spirit and her discerning eye. (... runs off to her new townhome to get a spot on the mantel ready for the coveted KP)

Oh, yeah. Definitely RATED
Kit, thanks!
I missed so much writing while gone. Missed a friend's EP!
Thank you for posting this.
What fun - especially on a Sunday morning!
Good job, Monkey Sue! You too, Kit! I totally agree about a round of applause foe Emily Holleman, OS. new editor. The fresh cover is a joy to behold. I checked Charles Yoo's post yesterday, but without explanation, I wasn't sure what I was looking at. Maybe (with your introduction here) it will be better next time.

Thanks for the KPs on TWO of MINE! wooooooooo hoooooo. I got a larger response to "Trygve" than I expected, that's for sure. Always good to read your recommendations, and if I can't get to all of them today, this post will carry me back. Good stuff!
I can't believe how far behind I am. Take a few days off, and great writing just passes you by. I agree about the editor. The new feature at the top of our blogs is a great idea. I found out I had been here longer than I thought. Yes, I'm a little slow!
Kit, thank you for picking your own essay, "Dance of Life." When I read it last night, I was stunned by its profound message, and how it spoke as if directly to me. I read it again - twice - this morning.

And thank you for showcasing so many great writers! I missed a lot of these pieces, so now I'll have the pleasure of reading them. Thank you for sending me in their direction.

And thank you for choosing one of mine! I feel honored and grateful to have been chosen twice. Didn't I say you were my goddess of wisdom?
Great List. I look forward to reading them.
Thank you, Kit for this list. There are a few I missed, which I'm going to read now. I see that little brat is all dressed up for the mike, but what about her shoes? She doesn't like sneakers no more? Tsk, tsk. ~R
I apologize for not taking time to respond to everyone's kind words and encouragement individually - I've sort of got my hands full with a couple of things right now.

A couple of comments, though - Persistent Muse - Please. Do not encourage the monkey girl with a warm puppy - she already has warm puppies - they adore her. She adores them. But please. NO MORE PUPPIES at the Kit Mansion of Joy!

ladyslipper - thank you for referencing my little Dance of Life - I went over there and listened to that song several more times this morning myself - I'm liking it ALOT!

And Fusun - About those slippers. She does wear them - all the time. They keep falling off her feet. Bless her heart! I wish she'd grow some TOES!
The new eidtor...This woman needs bouquets fo flowers..
What a treat now to see an interesting cover now ..especially with Monkey Sue..
Rated with hugs and a song
Wonderful list! Delivered by the sock monkey no less! I'm honored that "Synthetic Life" made it, but feel that there was far better content out there than mine this week. (been rather busy as it were)

Otherwise, great selections and I look forward to reading the ones I've missed!
I am so thrilled to be a chosen one, especially by fellow writers! I have never had so much fun and inspiration, so much comradery and equality in such a situation! Where do I accept my award???? Ha. Thanks for the Sunday surprise, I enjoyed it with my coffee and muffin! R
Thanks for your KP because (and this may be mean...sorry) for every person who reads it and had never heard of the Baha'i Faith before, I feel like it is a small victory over the oppressors.
If you haven't read this post by Maria Heng, please take the time to do so.
First of all, I am honored to have made the list and I'd like to thank the, a,...the primate....ummm....Monkey Sue for the recognition:) Second of all, I now know exactly what I will be reading for the rest of today! I've missed many of these! Thanks so much Kit! Fun and'll get you anywhere!
Off to read, thank you for doing this. GREAT picks!
I am honored to be included on this list of fabulous writers. Even without my name, this would be evidence of your extraordinarily good taste.
Thanks. I worked very hard on libraries! I'm glad to be included with some other really good writers that I have enjoyed.
Kit, I'm speechless.

NOT. hahaha, thank you so much, Monkey Sue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is better than all the tiaras I never had.
I spend so much time on OS, and I managed to miss most of these. Geez, I gotta get organized.
The only thing worse about these lists, other than that I'm NEVER on them, is that I find so many that I know are gonna be great reads that I somehow missed. These exercises, incredibly valuable for those of us who wish to keep up, underscore how much talent we have here on OS and how much good stuff undoubtedly slips past without even a notice.

I'm often surprised to find that one of my favorites has been on the cover a whole week without my realizing it. Such is the case at the moment with Capt.Parrotdead's amazing story of high crimes at the olde filling station of yore, and Kit's piece on the Pope, which I haven't gotten round to read yet, but you know I will.

Hey, ya think maybe that's why I'm NEVER on these lists, because I'm a slow reader and even slower commenter, and never have time to post anything good? (Don't answer that, please.)
Excellent...I just added this to my "must read" list, along with Cranky Cuss's awards. Of course, now I will also have to strive harder to make the cut ;-)