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APRIL 8, 2011 11:59AM

I'm Hauling ASS.

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pull cart c_001
subtitled, "I am TIRED of this BULL! 
bull riding 2_001 
To the delight of some, and the disdain of others - I'M JUST JOSHING! This place is like a bad sitcom - you WANT to quit watching but you just HAVE to wait and see if the mayor's son-in-law turns out to be his long-lost son conceived in a drunken fever when he went to New Orleans in the summer of 1981.  
Addendum - Per request by TME: here's a picture of a dead ant.  By MonkeyManC3:

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My God Kit you are really hauling ass.:)
This made me laugh.
rated with hugs
I noticed but it didn't seem like a week...a day or two perhaps.

The feed is pathetic, the loading is pathetic.My writing is becoming pathetic. My life is pathetic. My dog is looking pathetic with the helmet sitll on. I cleared 8 huge wads of used paper towels out of Moms coat yesterday. That's pathetic! are ya?
Yes, Linda - I used this picture on my SL Marketplace store to demonstrate that I'm an Equal Opportunity Employer. HAHAHAHA.

TME - I think I did sneak in and post a couple of comments. I think I even posted the same blog twice. Don't ask, I will NOT tell.... "Pathetic? Yes, this I can identify with. The highlight of my days was washing off an army of aunts who had set up camp on my big deck umbrella. I am ashamed to admit how much joy I gathered from watching their little bodies flail as they were pushed through the torrent to the edge of the umbrella. I did feel a little bad when I heard them scream.
And I am so beside myself with laziness and lethargy that I refuse to correct the typos in my first comment, though it is SO against my religion to have only one half of quotation marks. But the part about the "army of aunts" - now, that was just fun. It SHOULD read, of course, "ants," were I to be grammatically pure. But the image of a mess of AUNTS be hosed down and falling off the edge of an umbrella is alot more amusing, don't you think so? Oh, not as amusing as 8 huge wads of paper towels stuffed in a closet, sure - it's hard to beat 8 huge wads of paper towels stuffed in a closet....

I have GOT to get some sleep one of these days!
HA! I wonder if I should do a post on the art of ant reproduction. Can you grab some ( to the tune of the Pink Panther) "dead ant, dead ant, dead ant" pictures?
Coat! it was her COAT pockets!
You are having so much fun out there. I wish I could figure it out, but I guess it would take time away from writing poems.
reminds me of the limerick about the girl with the magnificent ass.
rated with love
TME - COAT!!!!! Well, I have been told I have a reading comprehension problem - and now there it is - EXPOSED for the whole world to see! Dead Ant pictures (dead ANTS, not dead AUNTS, right??). I'll see what I can do.

RP - Yes - it's a good time - usually. Mostly. Almost all the time. I enjoy it alot anyway!
Hauling ass ain't flouncing, is it? Please say no. I'm so confused with this OS lingo! Da*n!
You are literally hauling an ass and riding the bull. Hard to believe that anything is possible in a virtual world.

I'm back on Second Life now with a $150 dollar graphics card. I feel like a superhero as I can do anything now. It is so amazing there. I went to a concert in the sky on a universal grid mega astrophysics theater with Cypress Rosewood that just blew my mind. Geez, Second life is incredible.
I think of this place as a bad drug.

You know you should quit, but you can't.....~TEARS~ ;D

Haulin' ass is always fun!! WOOOOO!! :D
Please accept my condolences regarding your dead aunt.
Well, I'm glad you're not really hauling ass.

Speaking of "army of aunts," I was typing a comment yesterday and I meant to use the word "mind-boggling." What I actually typed was "mind-BLOGGING." I caught my typo and changed it. I wish I hadn't - I like it better the wrong way.
you sound exactly like the person you just flagged - in fact, you could be that character your self - who would know over here? except the network admin guys who would be laughing up their sleeves ~