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DECEMBER 20, 2011 8:55AM

Grandma Got Run Over By a Santa

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Grandma got run over by a Santa
Who was wearing wore out long johns and a thong;
And upon his balding head
He wore a tie died hat, not red;
He looked so very terribly, completely wrong!

So Grandma stared helplessly at Santa 
Like a reindeer caught in reindeer blinking lights;
She froze in agony and woe
As he plowed her into the snow,
Then whisked away into the cold dark night.

We found Grandma early the next morning
Face down in melting sleigh tracks, cold and flat;
And though she was, well, DEAD,
There upon her frozen head
Was Santa's very own hippie tie died hat!
 Ciaco in tie die santa hat
Sadly, I must confess I wrote this poor poem all by myself.  I am THAT deranged!
Merry Today!  And Happy Always! 

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LOL yes you are! And being a Grandma I take offense at the hat. Good to see you! Have you been hiding in the same place I have? ;-)
Yes. Under the bed. With the dust bunnies. Wearing my tiedyed Santa hat. HOW ARE YOU!?!?!?!?!?!?!
That hat is outrageous. You are too. What a poem! Im laughing out loud and shaking my head.
zanelle, I laughed the whole time I wrote this. My Ella Rose called me a few minutes ago and said they were giving her boss, who loves tie dyed stuff, a tie dyed Xmas hat and wondered if I could write a poem to go with the gift. As you can see - I possibly failed to produce great literature. But yeah - I laughed stupid.... And like you, I shook my head - vigorously.
oh - zanelle - by the by - that hat is available inworld. Let me know if you want it....
You made me so happy that you wrote a poem.
It is my wish that everyone on OS write at least one.
Yours is very fun and yet a little psychedelic
rated with love
RP - Oh. I thought you knew - I've written hundreds of poems in my day. Not but a handful the last couple of years - and as you can see from the caliber of this one - well, you can understand why I don't write alot of poetry!
Hello, Kit. Nice to see you again. The poem made me snork.
B - Nice to be back - and it made me snork, too. What's snork????
Damn Santa and those Reindeer to hell! Poor, Grandma~~
scanner - I know. I couldn't really get past the part about the thong. This image will disturb me for a long time to come!
Kit, that was quite funny. Poor Santa..
Linda - Poor Santa???? What about poor Granny? COLD Granny? Prone Granny? DEAD Granny!!!!!!! But seriously, my greater concern are those poor reindeer....
every once in a while you just have to let those berzerker thoughts flow. I loved it
Walter? Every now and then??? I am swarmed by these thoughts!!!!
I' That's good enough for me. Well, not here as on the computer or on OS but in real time waste and bone. Under the bed? You have room under your bed? Not me, I put Mom there. Come to think of it she made to be turned. BRB
May "need" to be turned. Premature textulation.
Snork is the sound I make when I spew coffee out of my nose....
Too many dust bunnies edged you out from under the bed?

"Merry Today! And Happy Always! "

You too, Kit!

I'm a grandma... so... mental note to self.... "stay inside in December!!!"