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JANUARY 15, 2013 5:38PM

Wedging for Notoriety (Bullies in Our Briefs?)

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You know, I'm a big fan of underpants.  I've said it before, I'm saying it again.  I LOVE underpants.

But I'm also pretty keen on people keeping their paws off my drawers! 

Charles Ross faces battery charges after he gave a number of complete strangers wedgies outside a Florida theatre while his buddy Jordan Owens captured the attacks on video.  Their plan was to upload the footage to their YouTube account.

Great fun.  Hahaha.  Ha.

How ridicules.

Your fun stops where my pain begins.  Charlie needs to learn this lesson right quick.  I hope the judge he will be meeting next month teaches him a thing or two.

Several of the wedgie victims refused to press charges, citing "embarrassment."  They have nothing to be embarrassed about.  Mr Ross has a great deal to be embarrassed about.  Poor judgment.  Lack of compassion.  Intrusive behavior.  

What he did was not funny.  Pranks seldom are, because pranks generally have a victim, a butt of the joke.  If someone isn't humiliated, it's just not amusing.

There is a fuzzy line between pranksters and bullies, and I haven't any use for either.

Pranks are cheap, shallow humor.  Laughing at the expensive of anyone else is pretty much always cheap and shallow.

I wonder what sort of punishment a fellow like Charlie might net if he is found guilty.  In my fantasy, he's hung up on a pole - by the back of his shorts.

Now, THAT is funny!

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He did wedgies on complete strangers!! Geez. And no one hauled off and decked him. I would have.
Me, too! I think he posted $750 to get out of jail. Outrageous!
Hey Guys! What's the problem?! He's just an All American boy practicing to be a down home, apple pie, Mom and the NRA /GOP, "Representative of "The People"!
sky - THAT'S where I've seen Charles before! I KNEW he looked familiar.

I take it he did not do it on anyone bigger than him. What is this world coming to?
Well we know...
Isn't that a felony? I guess may be not in Florida. These nitwits would be in a whole lot of trouble in CA. R
Linda - I don't KNOW what it's coming to - every day I feel more and more "old fashioned!" But in MY day we didn't touch anyone's panties unless we were sleeping with them!

Seer - You make an excellent point!

Thoth - I think they're being charged with battery. But with a mere $750 bail FL apparently doesn't mind folks snapping one another's panties up TOO much.
A little time with the the guys in the county jail may give these rocket scientists a view if what it feels like to be on the receiving end of bullying. R
What gets them arrested in FL would probably earn them a good living in California.......!!

Gerald - Yes, indeed. I imagine they won't be giving any of those fellas any wedgies. I hope it doesn't come to that for them. I hope they can learn their lesson with a less toxic remedy, but I wonder....

sky - you made me laugh right out loud!
Sad ...I hate pranks too and think they are usually mean spirited.