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Things overheard at my house: (seriously!) ~~Yes, I think the chainsaw goes with that wig better than the accordian. ~~Get off the goddamned table! Kitty NO! Don't bite my brushes you little shit! ~~Is it aperitif time yet??? ~~No, it's OK honey, just load the motorbike in the van and I will pack the rest tomorrow.


MARCH 3, 2009 10:39AM

Homelife Haiku #1

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grit by my pillow

loving carress, grip and flex

cat box needs changing





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Sorry, this haiku thing seems to be addictive. Don't worry, it's just a phase and will hopefully pass soon.
Eew. When the Cat was an ittybitty kitty, she had an e-collar that got litter caught in it. Thanks for the reminder of why I really do prefer the doggy door.
Love it! Dr. Wonderful never seems to feel the kitty litter in the bed...I'm more like the princess and the pea...gravel!
Actually this has only happend twice in the five years we have been here but once my brain took the haiku fork in the road this morning, well, I have been wasting WAY too much thinking of variations of my life in haiku form.
I get to clean up after an 85lb dog.... bleh!

Good haiku!
::Trying not to think about what gets caught up between his toes::
Luckily, I have *very* clean cats. My mom had a cat years ago and she(the cat, not my mom) smelled nasty. I don't think I could keep a cat with spotty hygiene because snuggling and kissing is a must!
Yep. Just like my Bishop does every morning. Rated!
Um, SC, your Bishop?!? Wow. I heard of people getting their religion on but.....well, whatever floats your Pope!
C'mon, that was just a flapping target. Had to take the shot! :D
Great haiku!
Here's a lovely Chinese poem for you, courtesy of the late John Fowles:

Here at the border there are falling leaves
Though I am surrounded by my enemies
And you, you are a thousand miles away,
There are always two cups of tea at my table
I can relate to this haiku only too well. rated
You remind me that I have a perfect life. Ariel (Prospero's, not Disney's) taught himself to use the toilet when he was three months old. Years later he acquired a brother/boyfriend and taught him to do the same (though never in the same bathroom).

The only downside is that guests become disoriented when a cat races them to the toilet and uses it first. They tend to stagger back to the dinning room unsatisfied, and often have trouble articulating exactly what went wrong.
Steven, lovely poem. A real poem!

Emma, thanks for joining the silliness. Litter comes in on little cat feet.

Bryan, my dad had a cat who he trained to use the toilet which was handy since he lives on a boat. I tried that with my cats here but one is *really* lazy and he's the big chief so the other two are hopeless.