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DECEMBER 4, 2008 2:57PM

even santa needs a happy hour....

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mind you, these aren't "good" photos...nope, not in the least....but they make me laugh. 

my cartoonist and i were in philadelphia for xmas last year and, after a long day of wandering the city and shopping for some final gifts, we ran into what seemed to us to be the Running of the Santas or some such thing.  they were drinking in the Irish pub where we were meeting up with some friends.   so, of course, we absolutely *had* to hang out with them.  my cartoonist shared his flask of Strannie's and they let me (tipsily) take their pictures.  they were great.

santa likes whiskey.... 

 the view from atop a chair



my cartoonist and a santa








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A friend of mine was a mall Santa one Christmas season and these photos are actually accurate to his experience. He had his heart broken everyday by kids too poor to ever get what they asked for, kids telling him stuff about mom/dad he didn't want to hear, and his favorite was being peed on frequently ;0)
@ Dorinda: that would truly break my heart....poor santas....