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FEBRUARY 6, 2011 10:40AM


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...But that I am forbid

To tell the secrets of my prison-house,

I could a tale unfold whose lightest word

Would harrow up thy soul, freeze thy young blood.

~Hamlet (1.5.18-21)

Philly & NYC 12-2010 456 Eastern State (Philadelphia, PA) - December 2010

Philly & NYC 12-2010 494 Snow Ghost - Eastern State (Philadelphia, PA) - December 2010

Philly & NYC 12-2010 429 Eastern State (Philadelphia, PA) - December 2010

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These are stunning, km...xox
Awesome. These three definitely go together. The bright oblong light surrounded by subtle darkness. Just great.
thank you! i have been trying to find time to go through the rest of the pics, so i am planning on posting some more this week. thanks for stopping by, and Duane - thanks! i discarded quite a few pics from this post because they just didn't fit with these. happy you see it the way i do.
Stark and wonderful. That you can see the air... how thick the dust, the quality of light and the streaks of metal and stone.
Great pics. The last one I wouldn't walk down for all the cows in Texas!
@rita: what looks like dust in these pictures is actually snow. we were there the day after the post-christmas storm in Philadelphia. the prison is ao full of cracks and holes, and the wind was so intense that the entire place was filled with blowing snow, infiltrating every single opening it could get into. man, it was cold....
thanks for stopping by!

@scanner: that's a lot of cows! i was so disappointed that due to the weather, we couldn't go down there. but honestly, being such a scaredy cat, you couldn't pay me enough to go into the prison after way....thank you for stopping in!
they're ghostly without being eerie exactly. the contrast between the hard, high definition of the stone/metal and the pale light/snow is terrific. excellent work.
Well done. I enjoy your posts and your images.
Awesome km. I love your work so much, as you know. I think it's because of all the things your images evoke other than just what we're looking at. You have such power in your choices, a true artist. How can we not think about the footsteps echoing through time, the cries, the desolation, anger, denial...on and on. Beautiful work. xo
@femme forte: it is really a ghostly place - not eerie during the day, just rather melancholy. thank you for coming by!

@stacey: thank you - your appreciation of my pics is apways wonderful. i hope you are not too cold down there.... i saw that the weather we are having was extending down your way....

@barry: thank you. i always look forward to reading what you think of my pics. thank you. i can't wait to see what you think of my NYC phots (which i hope i will have up soon...) :) take care and stay warm down there. i think y'all have actually had more snow than we have this year...