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JULY 27, 2009 2:11PM

Craig Ferguson is My New Hero

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This Scottish rogue.
Just when I thought I was capturing the scourge of American youth culture in some of my posts, along comes this saucy wanker to say it better than I ever could.
Now, if he could only figure out what we need to do about it...without hurting Kevin Jonas' feelings, of course.  Because Kevin is TOTALLY my favorite...

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I LOVE this scottish rogue. He should be on earlier, like where the idiotically tall man is on. But then I wouldn't watch Letterman. Alas....
Thanks. I am so using this for class!
He's a smart guy. He's authored a few books and is an extraordinary writer.
I know!!! Craig's rant made me deliriously happy. He's my hero too!
i love that guy too. too funny.
I needed to have this explained to me, although I feel deep down I already knew it. He is very smart and I am old enough to remember when it wasn't so. In defense of the youth culture, however; people now have much nicer teeth into old age. Or maybe that's the fluoride in the water. Anyway, I'll be sending this to my daughters: No you don't want to be young and inexperienced.
Pure. Freakin'. Genius. This explains so much, including Paris Hilton and (god forgive me for saying it out loud) Spencer and Heidi...
He is way underrated. Even his throw away lines are balls out funny.
He is my hero. Thanks for sharing. I gotta stay up later!
Wizened crone that I am, I do not even know who Kevin Jonas is. In fact, until this post I didn't even know who Craig Ferguson was. But now he's my hero, too, as are you for posting this.

Now I understand why fashion magazines persist in draping the clothes I've finally lived long enough to afford on the bodies of vacuous-looking 14-year-olds, a practice that annoys me to no end.
His puppet shows are fantatastic.
Correction. His puppet shows are fantastic.
OH Goodness ...he is sooo wonderfully funny. We used to record Letterman on the DVR and catch bits of him. Lately I haven't recorded anything, but I should, really!

Oh, THANK YOU, JOHN SMITH, I ran right over to your site and I did indeed meet "many big beau tiful wo man and hand some guys." Now, why don't you run over to my site, www.stopyoureffingspamming.com ?
Holy fudge in an airtight crypt. This is dead-on brilliant like practically nothing else. THANK YOU for posting this. I can go to my grave now knowing that I am not crazy.
loved it over my morning coffee. gave me hope for a better day.

he's on the money.
"Too late old und too late schmardt".lol
I'm 70 and STILL know how to act stupid.
I just forget sometimes;)

Craig's great.
And for those who are not familiar with CF (who is about the smartest funny guy on anything anywhere right now) may I recommend his rant from last year "If you don't vote you're a moron." The guy is funny, but he puts a lot of truth into some of his rants. Throw out the rest of the late night bozos and put this guy on earlier.
Craig's experience and intelligence is far sexier than any youth could ever be. His Scottish accent doesn't hurt, either.
I saw this broadcast and it blew me away. So glad to see it again. I discovered Craig in a quest to find something real (not "reality tv") and entertaining. He's a bleeping genius and I fear that the more this is brought to light, the more they will try to change him or reign him in. I have loved him since he was Mr. Wick on Drew Carey's show. Who was the inspired tv exec who gave him this show? I didn't think such people existed anymore.
I love, love this guy! Just wish I could stay awake every night to watch him. Love his humor! Thanks for the video!
As Craig, himself would say..."I KNOOOOOWWW!"
Craig Ferguson weaves wry humor, masculinity, and intellect into an appealing cloak of truth, which he wears well. I am neither young, nor stupid, and it breaks my heart that our culture honors both so fully. In high school in the 1960s, a boy wrote in my yearbook, "Not much upstairs, but what a staircase." Then, it offended my emerging feminism. Now, I suppose it would be considered a compliment.
He is smarter and wittier than all of the other late night driveling hosts combined. This work is perfect genius.
"But that's not what you want to be!"

Preach it, Craig! I would go to church if this man were the preacher.
I do love Craig and this is spot on, however...

Craig, last year, married to a young (26) beautiful young blond. Seriously, she looks like his daughter...


I guess young ain't so bad...
Damn it! Once again, something sort of right, and funny -- but embedded in lazy, point-the-blame thinking. Why? Why not ask yourself how YOU buy into this, and why? It wasn't those awful ad agencies that made everything go weird. In the 60's and early 70's something happened with youth culture around the world. There were hippies, and there were Consumers, but in other countries there were riots in the streets, and in China there were the Red Guards. No ad agencies there. What changed? I don't know. Something did, but it was more profound that this little rant would indicate.

I thought this, and then read the comments and saw the one about his wife - ha! I'm sure he says it has to do with (ahem) BEAUTY.
Craig Ferguson's monologues about his father's death and why he won't crack jokes about Britney Spears are also very good. On youtube (or they were). I love this guy.
I love CF. Truly, truly.
Oh my that was great!! I got to check this guy out.
Maybe I need to buy a Tivo, as I'm early to bed. . . .
I remember Ferguson as Drew's boss on "The Drew Carey Show." Funny then, hilarious now. I'm with the crowd...he should be on earlier because I'm no longer young and stupid.
If I was gay, I'd marry him. Hell, I'd marry him anyway. Who cares about sex, I'd just listen to him talk. From the beginning of late night talk with Steve Allen, he is definitely the best in the business.
Dr. Dick Head
I luff him, but I can rarely stay awake long enough to watch him. He is the BEST of the night time talk show hosts and has, at times, caused me to choke on my NyQuill (in a good way, not complaining).
I saw this and was amazed and filled with joy! I am a Craig Ferguson ADDICT--I cannot live without watching his show nightly, and when I saw this piece I was jumping up and down, because if you go to my blog you will see the detritus of what happens when a lively, creative talented person over 50 or 60 tried to reinvent herself--she ends of HOMELESS AND JOBLESS! He's on to something. I just wish we could start an "anti-youth" movement. Being a Boomer, I never thought I'd hear myself saying that but---.....
ferguson has taken the late night talk show format and stuffed it full of dynamite and detonated it..hard to compare him to anyone else..because nobody does or ever did what he does..the puppets are great... his rants strike a nerve every time..and i love the way he often ends an interview..saying to his guest that yes there's time left..but he's just not curious enough to ask anything else..and is there anything the guest might want to say to fill the remaining moments

i mean who else does that?

there's just no posturing with this guy..the real deal steps up every night
i forgot to mention... how much i adore that wonderful and catchy theme song of his.

It's hard to stay up
It's been a long, Long Day
And you got the sandman at the door
But hang on, leave the TV on
And let's do it anyway
It's ok
You can always sleep through work tomorrow, OK?
Hey hey
Tomorrow's just your future yesterday

i'm a sucker for a great theme song..and this one has a sweet bounce...it perks me right up
hey hey
He's brilliant, I've enjoyed him since seeing him on the Drew Carey Show. This spot-on rant is almost perfect, he might have included a comment about since people can't stay young forever their only other option is to stay stupid forever.
Yup, Craig is marvelous. And he presents this thing like it just came to him, as if he was lucky to be able to see it, because he's so brainless. But he's got us all beat.
You're right! My hero, too. Warms my Scottish blood!
The most amazing thing about Craig's rants are that he ad-libs them. He maybe has a few pointers in his head when he goes on, but nothing written down in advance. He started doing it that way a few months after starting the show, and they just get better and better. As someone mentioned, he did a beaut on why you should vote. It should be put out as a PSA before every election.
Uhhh, I am stupid ergo I MUST be young. Does that work too? I'm gonna say, uh, like, uh, ya know, Yes!
Uhhh, I am stupid ergo I MUST be young. Does that work too? I'm gonna say, uh, like, uh, ya know, Yes!
I love Craig Ferguson. I've been watching him for awhile now. I loved this and want to put this post on my Facebook page...might have a good influence. You are really lucky that irritated_mom is on vacation I'll tell you that. If she sees this, there may be hell to pay!