MAY 16, 2010 5:59PM

The Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

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I have good news, someone has called and involved Norwegian scientists. So a couple of weeks to late, you have the sense to ask those with experience and access to the latest technology to recover and plug the well.

Having said this, I also make you aware that an offhore rig also sank last week (Thursday) off the coast of Venezuela. The Blow-Out Preventor ("BOP") worked fine here, as did the evacuation of the platform. Venezuela started offshore without pride and with the intent to protect the marine life in the Carribean. They wanted the same regulations as Norway imposed, received them and translated them to Spanish. The US oil companies called them "Socialistic Regulations" and used them in silly jokes. 

If caring for others is "socialism" where does that leave the environmental issues?

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I cannot recall the last time there was an oil spill disaster in the north sea from a rig. Those rigs are sturdy, as the seas are mean!
I have read that NOAA had guidelines for drilling in the gulf to maintain safety. They too were laughed off.
The US way is to buy is cheap and the hell with the consequences. Other peoples technology doesn't count, even if it is better and safer.
yep - but we had a major blow-out in 1977 and learned a hard lesson: to never repeat it. So it has been repeated over and over and over again in the simulators, to avoid it happen in real life.

So, the technology is available, its just to ask. They also had a rig sink outside Venezuela. Here the well was shut down, and there was no spill, because their safety regulations are a blue-print of what they use in the North Sea.

The silly thing is that I disagree with y0u on the "US way" - it is not to buy cheap - any price will do. They believe that the more expensive the better. They certainly do not believe that foreign devices that costs a fraction of US equipment is up to it, even though the foreign equipment has proven it can do it, it is much better and vastly more reliable. It is just "foreign".