MAY 7, 2012 6:31PM

How are we doing?

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We strive to maintain sanity while insanity is questioned in the court, and ask you all to judge.  What is your impression of the trial of Anders B. Breivik - is it fair? is he provided the correct opportunity to speak for himself? is his defence proper and fair? does the prosecution overdo?

Come on, please tell us what mean, tell the Norwegians that they are sane and that Pete Seeger has not indoctrinated us in Marxism as the accused claimed in court. Tell us that these values are not just the chore American values, we live on the same earth so green and bright, we have one blue sky above us - and who could ask for more?


At the moment, every victim is named, wounds described, cause of death recorded and for every one, a picture, a description of a life that was cut short, some mentioning what could have been before moving on to the next one. During this the terrorist maintain composure, apparently unaffected. Guilt has been admitted, with the amendment that he did not kill more.

Are we doing it right, proper and dignified so that nobody can claim that he did not get his day in court? Because his sentence will be harsh - many years to wonder what could have been.

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