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March 08
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SEPTEMBER 24, 2013 8:06PM

I am Terrified for my Sisters' Future

I mean it, too. I am seriously terrified. 

I'm the eldest of seven. There's my brother, Andre(we always joke about being twins because we look and act so much alike), and my  baby brother, Jimmy, who is barely a year old...but sandwiched between them are four unbelievably gorgeous young lad… Read full post »

JUNE 7, 2012 12:19PM

A Young Woman in America

Being an American woman is extremely confusing...especially in times like these.

 For those of you who hadn't already heard, pretty much every single Republican senator voted "no" on the Fair Pay act. What's that? It's the thing that ensures equal pay for equal work - you know, instead of women… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 5, 2012 1:46AM

My Workout Routine

On days that I have the opening shift, my workout is different. But since I mostly work the closing shifts, we'll go with that one.

I usually wake up around 9 or 10 nowadays if I don't have a morning class. After that I get dressed and take Howl out for… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 2, 2012 10:20AM

Bonding Over Coffee

When I was 18, I moved to Los Angeles. There was a coffee shop near FIDM called Fusion, that had lots of neat things like boba and cappuccinos and muffins and a big bulletin board of things that bands would put up. Sometimes there would be Singles ads, and once there… Read full post »

JANUARY 19, 2012 10:27AM

Seriously, What did I miss?

This is going to touch on a topic I've been wanting to write on for awhile, but somehow felt that the evidence wasn't sufficient enough. I truly believe that we, as a society, have regressed severely. I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but I do know that it did happen,… Read full post »

JANUARY 18, 2012 8:14AM

Dear Congress

Today I'm signing as many petitions as I can to protest against SOPA and PIPA. This was from FightfortheFuture.org. They had you enter your name, email address and zip code, and then there was a little  note at the bottom that you could edit, if you so chose to do so,… Read full post »

AUGUST 25, 2011 10:36PM

The Shame of Baking

I love butter. Seriously. If it were socially acceptable, I'd probably bathe in it, then slather it on my body so I would not only be semi-clothed, but when the sun would come out I'd get a nicer tan than I already have. Butter makes everything better--which is why it's only… Read full post »

AUGUST 15, 2011 10:42AM

Just Say No...to Penis

I've never been called a sex addict(at least not to my face), and I've never been called a dating addict(at least not to my face), but my friends have definitely had these things to say:

"You've found someone already?" "Still dating so-and-so?" "So who's you're new boyfriend?" "Is he wearing makeup?"… Read full post »

JULY 18, 2011 8:03AM

Raising Howl, Day 59

Howl is a healthy, happy dog. Or so I thought. Until he had a seizure two days ago. Well, two seizures.

 A. described it  as "like he was getting up to stretch, his muscles locking in place, and then doing a Ray Charles back and forth." He first… Read full post »

JULY 10, 2011 12:09AM

Raising Howl, Day 49

So obviously that whole thing about me blogging every day didn't work out. Do you know why? There are no differences(so far) between Howl and any other puppies I've ever worked with/helped raise.

Howl is 4 months old now today and this is what he does: yip, growl, gnaw, and nip.… Read full post »

MAY 26, 2011 11:07PM

Raising Howl, Day 6

Day six, and still chewing everything he can get his little mouth around.

Well, perhaps not EVERYTHING. He hasn't tried chewing on a bottle of lotion yet, or my guitar, or ocarina yet. But he's tried my books, some of my shoes, A.'s socks, shirts and sheets, and seems to have… Read full post »

MAY 23, 2011 8:26PM

Raising Howl, Day 2

A. fell in love with Howl yesterday. I was worried about his thoughts on a wolfdog pup, but when Howl snuggled up into his arms like a teddy bear, that big tough facade of his faded away and he became cuddly as a schoolgirl. There was a point where A. was… Read full post »

MAY 22, 2011 10:32AM

Raising Howl - Day 1

Today is day 1 of Raising Howl, a mid-to-low content wolfpup.

Woke up at 2 am to heavy breathing. Rolling over, it was Howl, who had taken it upon himself to snuggle up to my ear. It was cute, and creepy, all at the same time. I tried to roll back… Read full post »

MAY 21, 2011 8:46PM

Raising Howl

For those of you who don't remember, Chodoi died two months ago. (See: Memorial to Chodoi) After much debate and grief, I've adopted a new pup. A mid-to-low content wolfdog hybrid. I've named him Howl.


 From what I understand, the mother was/is a wolfdog hybrid(pretty white one named Be… Read full post »

Or maybe it is. I don't know--I'm not dead right now and I can't tell you what happens in the Afterlife.

From what I understand about the Rapture, the Christians/Faithful people of the world will be taken from the Earth and the unfaithful(everyone else) will be left below. I remember reading… Read full post »

MAY 8, 2011 10:36AM

A Crappy Mother's Day Poem

I always thought of my mother's house as an escape. It's not that it was palatial or wonderous or anything like that; it's just that I had never been there with her for a long period of time so I thought it was like a vacation whenever I did get to… Read full post »

APRIL 9, 2011 8:58PM

RIP Baby Dog(Chodoi Marieiro-Kirk)

I didn't want to believe it when I first heard the news. I should have known when I had gotten that text message from Mom: "Your dog has been missing for two hours. I'm going home now to see if she's waiting for me there."

I panicked. I asked to go… Read full post »

MARCH 28, 2011 4:47PM

My Life in Three Sentences(revised)

In the beginning, my life was a magical mystery, a world seen with eyes unclouded by hate and through the glasses of childlike naiivety.

Puberty(and my vagina) is the vessel which carries me through more crazy/unstable relationships than Elizabeth Taylor.

And all I

Read full post »
Editor’s Pick
MARCH 27, 2011 11:17PM

Starburst Spring Salad(not with candy)

I love spinach. No, seriously. I think spinach is crunchy and delicious, and--thanks to the map by Epicurious.com--it's in season in Missouri. My garden is going to be full of spinach. I can't think of anything wrong with that. Not only will the leafy greens look beautiful, but the fat neighborhood… Read full post »

Japan Earthquake: Major Cruise Lines Report Little Tsunami Impact was the headline that semi-snapped me out of my daze this morning. I thought I was still dreaming. But my boyfriend wasn't playing a guitarron anymore and that Filipino meat market(Named "Araiapa Pilipino Meats & More") was nowhere… Read full post »

MARCH 6, 2011 11:51AM

Texas is for NUTS!!!

When it came time for me to take my American Regional class in Culinary School, I made a very rash(yet sensible) decision. Here was my thought:

 "I'm going to cook my way through America and, dependent on which state/region has the best indiginous food, I'm going to move there someday!"… Read full post »

MARCH 3, 2011 8:01AM

4-day School Week? WTF, America

I have mixed emotions about the new 4-day school week that Missouri may/will probably have to face. My definition of mixed feelings was gained from a Jewish speaker at my middle school who survived the Holocaust. He said his definition of mixed feelings was: "Your worst enemy driving over a cliff… Read full post »

MARCH 2, 2011 8:45PM

Chodoi and Me

Today I watched "Marley & Me"; and I'm on my period. That's a recipe for disaster.

Not only am I a huge animal person(like, to the point of it being unhealthy), I have a weakness for dogs. My entire family has weaknesses for dogs. It's not my fault I'm such a… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 25, 2011 9:19PM

Not All Asian Things are Good

So, contrary to popular belief, Asian things are not automatically good. (Shocking, I know.)

This is something I've barely gone over before, but I'm English-Scottish on Dad's side, and Filipino-Chinese on Mom's side. Mom and Dad divorced when I was two, and Dad got custody of me, so I lived my… Read full post »

JANUARY 27, 2011 5:40PM

NOT My Family's Chili Recipe(seriously)

This is not-not-NOT my family's chili recipe. This is NOT that. Seriously. If I tell the family recipe to the world, they'll hunt me down and skin me alive. It's like the treasured family heirloom, our recipes. So instead, I'm going to give a tweaked recipe that I used to win… Read full post »