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NOVEMBER 4, 2012 1:24PM

My Brilliant Wife Figures Out Romney's Economic Plan

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Today, over lunch, my wife's eyes lit up as it occurred to her what Romney's economic plan is, and I have to admit it's brilliant. We may have been underestimating him all along.

We take over another country, say, Iran, militarily. Then we transfer our debts to it. And, while we're at it, we help manage it in exchange for very high management fees.

This explains why Romney is so anxious to give the military equipment it doesn't even want.

Actually, now that I think about it, there actually is an historical precedent for this. It's pretty much what France and Great Britain did to Germany at the end of the First World War.

Only they didn't have the chutzpah to charge Germany management fees.

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Brilliant!!! LOLOL
But I thought that was Obama's plan! As I understand it, you left out the part where America sells off all of Iran's assets so as to pay off that debt that was transferred to them. The only reason he hasn't gone ahead with it is that he's still trying to figure out how to whack Iran into submission without damaging all that good stuff he wants to sell off. He's also having a hard time with how to spin this as "liberating the people of Iran".

Tell your wife she's a genius....... ;-)
Already did. Obama's not planning to grow the military like Romney is
Actually in the Treaty of Versailles England and France charged Germany for "reparations" (compensation for the expenses of their defeat), which led to rampant inflation, the fall of the Wiemar Republic, the ascension of Hitler and the Nazi's to power and WWII. I wonder if Romney's learned anything from history, remember when Cheney said that the oil in Iraq would pay for that little military excursion in less than a few years and by the way whiloe Saudi Arabia helped finance Bush 41's Gulf War in 1990 by providing "free fuel" to coalition operations, the surge in gasoline and oil prices netted the Saudi's $12 billion USD over the profits they made from oil exports during 1989. Funny old world ain't it?
I'm afraid he'll have to wait on that. I hope. Meanwhile, your wife should go to B-school, if she hasn't already.
B school, no. But she is a professor
I was explaining the jobs report to my wife and how a certain number is required to keep up with population growth. She said, in perfect Gracie Allen cadence, that nobody should be forcing newborns into the workforce.

Yes, Mitt Romney is the problem. Oh to see the look on the face of Ahmadineseethatcoming.
Excellent observation, and I bet you didn't see it coming. I certainly didn't.

Goodnight, Gracie.
hehehehe don't put it past those neo-con bastards :) r.
I don't.
I knew there had to be an upside somewhere.
Just like everything else we do that is supposed to be good for people, it will turn around and bite us in the ass!
Well, Scan, if this were a realistic possibility and we went ahead with it, of course it would bite us in the ass, for reasons that jmac points out. Saddling Germany with all the debt from WWI enabled Hitler to come to power and was a key cause behind WWII.
Your wife is onto something, but I suspect war with Iran won't be necessary -- Bain can buy Greece. And then -- wait for it ...

... the Bain in Spain stays mainly in the pain
Greece would go belly-up before being able to repay that kind of debt. You'd need an oil state or a damned big state. We don't have the money to, say, buy China - we're in debt.
It's derivative, but brilliantly so. And we could take our mgt fees in oil, or slaves perhaps.
*LOL* Yes, a perfect plan indeed!!!!! :D
Sure it's a little predatory, but so is Romney, so.....
As a part of those fees, or along with them, they'll transfer all their oil & military assets to us, right?

(And I think recently I implied something about your wife tending a little toward the negative - it had to do with imaginary friends, I think. I officially take that back. She is a genius and most likely fabulously interesting besides.)
Brilliant! If only Bush had been smart enough to try the vulture capitalist strategy with Iraq, we might have actually MADE money on the fiasco.
Nerd Cred,
My wife appreciated your comment.

Bush the Younger was an oil guy, not a money guy like Romney.
Why didn't I think of that??? Brilliant piece! Go out and vote, everyone!
Yup. I just wonder if anything like this really is in the back of his mind. I'm not sure it will be over because there may be a lot contested.

Thanks for commenting. I was impressed enough that I turned her reaction into a post.
I'm glad to have come to the party even if it's ...almost...over.(A week's celebration of his defeat)
Hi Heidi
I'm glad I found this. OS hasn't been telling me via e-mail about comments. By someone's suggestion, I looked in Manage Comments. This was double-posted - it's also at OurS, where they do tell me when someone comments.