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NOVEMBER 7, 2012 10:45AM


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Open Salon is currently functioning worse than I've seen it in about 2 1/2 years of blogging here.

No one I know is getting e-mail notification of comments or PM's.

PM accounts are difficult to access, but this has been true for quite a while. It always takes multiple tries.

Commenting is taking forever, so much so that people all over OS are double and triple commenting because they don't think the comment posted when they hit the Post button the first time.

I've had it. At least until Open Salon starts working, I'm moving over to Our Salon.

You can find me at

If you don't have an account there, I'd suggest you get one. Our Salon consists almost entirely of current and former Open Salon bloggers.

For a while, I've been double-posting. For the time being, instead of double-posting I'm going to post there but post the link to my Our Salon posts here. I don't want to receive comments here because I won't be notified when I get them and I don't have time to keep checking my posts to see what arrived.

Some of us get comments on older posts, particularly recent posts that are one or two back. Are we supposed to check our old posts in addition to our current post to see if new comments arrived? In addition to checking a PM account we have trouble accessing in the first place?

Until I get notifications, I don't want to receive communications here. I will not close comments on my links because if I do I won't know if the notification feature has returned.

I will check PM's for the rest of today. If you want to communicate with me but have a reason for not wanting to use Our Salon to do so, PM me your e-mail address and I'll e-mail you.

I would suggest you follow suit, particularly if you already have an account over there.

I'm not suggesting cutting ties with Open Salon. What I'm suggesting is more akin to staying at a hotel when the power and water in your house gets knocked out by a storm. This hotel, however, is free.

Thank you.

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Congrats on the outcome, first.

Second, Lorianne will not assume copyright of every word, every picture you post there.
A critical distinction, people.

Think about it.

Thanks Kosher.
If you want to reply to this post, please do so at

Thank you.
I've tried to join Our Salon but the email NEVER arrives to confirm my email address so I gave up. I've pretty much given up blogging on here too because of all of the headaches.
Thank you Kosh, I just applied for membership on Our Salon. I've LOVED OS, but this is too exasperating to deal with, and nobody in charge of this forum seems to care.
Hey, Shiral ~ love your new hat !
Look forward to seeing you at Our Salon.
The way OS is functioning now is a disgrace. There is simply no point in blogging here now. No other blogging or forum site works like this. Why does OS?
Yeah, the emails stopped for me too kosh. I'm not quite ready to make the move but at this pace it won't be long and I can't fault anyone who is an earlier adopter than I. It's a fine looking site and technically miles ahead of Open. But Open has that Salon feeder to attract new folks. I'm wondering how Our will fare minus that.
Abrawang at 5 minutes 14 seconds to load a five word comment here this morning I don't think it matters much if Salon feeds this place or not.
New readers won't come back.
ms raptor -
There are only 2 reasons a confirmation email for Our Salon did not arrive:

1) you possibly joined at an earlier time and forgot, so you are already a member which would prevent the new email from being sent (this has happened to 3 others who joined early on & forgot)

2) the confirmation email might have gone to your spam folder in email depending on your settings.

the solution is to email me at with the most likely email address you used to sign up at an earlier time - i can then find your account and resend you login info

if you are not yet a member then maybe try again and after sufficient time for me to receive the membership request & approve it (24 hours at the very outside) check your inbox and your spam folder in email.

Hope this helps and you will give it one more try! We would love to have you with us.