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NOVEMBER 8, 2012 3:15PM

How Angry White Guys Got That Way

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I'll start double posting here when the site is operating normally. At this point, I'm not getting e-mail notifications of comments here. If you want to read or comment, please follow the link. That's how I'll function until this site works again; at least I will contribute less to overloading it.

Please don't PM me because getting into my PM account is too difficult at this point. If you have my e-mail, use that; if not, please follow the link.

Thank you.

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canya hear the echo in here.....
Great article Kosher. I remember when my father worked for Miesel and Peskin (I don’t know if I spelled it right). It was in the seventies. Miesel and Peskin were the only ones who had a secret patent used in the dying of Black Glama Mink Coats. Well our boy Carter forced them to teach the Japanese how the process was done. I remember him telling me how they were all over the dye floor with their obligatory cameras. The end result Miesel and Peskin lost the preeminence they held for fifty years in the creation of the black glama process to a country who treacherously sneak attacked us only thirty years before. That’s politics and politicians for you. That’s why I advocate the execution of each and every one of them right down to the lowliest dog catcher!

And by the way I hope you are happy now that Hulk Hogan (Obama) has defended his WWF tittle against the upstart Rowdy Roddy Piper (Romney)
For some reason Jacob won't let me rate you. I don't think he cares for your peace symbol in the Star of David.
Read and rated in Our.

Steel Breeze, I've got more action on Our Salon.

That it won't let you rate doesn't surprise me because there are all sorts of things it won't do at the moment, like write e-mails when comments on your posts or PM's come in. That's why I've published on the other site. If you haven't gotten a membership there, I'd suggest doing so. Then, whenever this place crashes, you've got a place to hang out.
Goin' over for a look-see.......

no matter what i do i cannot get into my acct at OurS I'm not kidding won't even allow me to create a new pw

I've passed the word on to Lorianne. She'll either contact you directly or contact me, given previous experience.
I was reading your comments on Our Salon and can't comment there yet, but felt the need to answer Bill Beck's comment:

As someone who has spent a lifetime with these angry white men, studying their ways in an effort to survive, I can tell you it's all about their need for control. They want to give permission, and they aren't being asked any more. Their problem was, they kept changing the boundary, and what they gave permission for yesterday wasn't good enough today. They belittled as they gave their permissions. They didn't feel good unless they could brag about putting someone down. And they still do it. I still live around them and they still push my buttons. I get ambushed at the oddest times, with their need to control. And that is what Romney was to them, the chance to put women and non-whites back into their place. I am so-o-o-o-o glad that they lost.
They didn't lose everywhere. Where I am went Republican pretty much across the board.
I live in Indiana; would you like to compare?
Sure, Phyllis. I lived in Indiana before I lived here. You just got a Democratic senator because the Republican cretins in your state saw fit to get rid of Dick Lugar. Serious mistake. As Republicans go, Mitch Daniels actually has some sense. We didn't get a Democratic anyone.
A lot of people are mad about losing Lugar, but I didn't vote in that primary because I couldn't see how Mourdock could beat him. Donnelly is better than Mourdock, but you know that Indiana Dems are Republican for anyone else. Donnelly is conservative and pro-life, but he did vote with the Democrats on a lot of things.

However, in state, we have Mike Pence, a super majority of Republicans in the State House and a simple majority of Republicans in the State Senate. We got a Democrat for the Education post because the Republican who had been in there wanted to strip everything out of the schools except teaching for the test. If she hadn't gotten it, they were going to make it an appointment instead of an elected position. They said they can't do it now because it would look like a power grab. Saved there.

But if the country wants to see what unfettered Republican looks like, just watch Indiana.