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NOVEMBER 12, 2012 4:00PM

Tired of the Mushroom Treatment

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Is it possible that Jake isn't responding to the comments on his latest post, "Bear With Us If You Can,"  ( because OS isn't e-mailing him when we comment on his blog?

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Right now I believe that anything is possible on OS, but what ever it might be more likely than not it will take at least three minutes and end with an error message. R&R ;-)
Hell, jmac, 3 minutes sounds pretty good right about now... ... ....

Could be the latter but it's poor job performance not to have more regular updates. I'm sure that if you or I had the job then at least we'd be conscious of the fact that many contributors are very pissed off, others have been driven away and it was just a matter of respect to explain why the issues of extremely slow page loading and the prolonged proliferation of spam have so stymied them. I'm guessing that the elimination of email alerts was done to keep the overall site performance from further deterioration. But it would be nice to have an explanation.
Kosher,you could be right.I have been wondering for a long time why there is no response coming from the admin.members.
Jake doesn't respond to e-mails either, so nope.

I don't know what the issue is, mainly because I've seen people introduce low cost solutions to the problem the site is facing.

What are the requirements for new membership? Lorianne doesn't have this problem because she checks out new members. I've seen the suggestion that they put in that software where you have to type what you see to make sure you aren't a bot.

If Jake did a post entitled: Here Are Our Problems, Any Suggestions? there's enough of a knowledge base here that he'd know what to do. The trouble is, that's not at all how OS is handling this.

In case you aren't familiar with what the Mushroom Treatment is, it means

Keep us in the dark and feed us sh*t
Jake isn't working on anything, as you can see on the cover page. OS is nothing more than an expanded chat room with a handful of members. I think Salon is borrowing from Romney, making things so difficult that everyone will self-deport. Of course, the problem with that theory is it would take some small effort, so it's really simple abandonment.

Open Salon is double dog dead. The only possible way it survives is to be a spam platform, or perhaps the Defense Dept will use it to post Freedom of Information Act releases, as posting here meets the legal requirement but nobody will be able to read them.

I have plenty to write about, but this place is a waste of time. Posting a link to an OS article is a sure way to alienate potential readers, as a 2 minute wait for a crash screen can only be tolerated by the rapidly diminishing group of OS contributors.

Time to move on, people. OS has burned to the ground and there's nothing to do here but wander around the ash heap.
by now i'm convinced that good intentions aside,he is powerless to do anything........
or maybe jus aint gotta clue...