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JANUARY 7, 2013 10:54AM

OS Operational Question

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Open Salon is working a whole lot faster than I've seen it work in months.

I'm still having 1 1/2 problems:

The half problem is that it's taking a long time for comments and PM's to post, but I notice that if I leave the window while the circle is still spinning and then come back, the post has usually taken place successfully in my absence, so that may not actually be an operational problem.

The main problem I'm still having is I'm getting no e-mail notification from OS at all, not for PM's and not for Comments on my blog.

My question is:

Are you getting e-mail notification from OS for either yet?

I want to know if this is a general problem or an account-specific problem. If you want me to test the proposition by sending you a PM or commenting on your blog, just say the word.

Thank you.

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Thanks. That means, so far, that I have to check messages on double posts.
I'm also spinning when I try to post comments, though like you I have exited and returned to find the comment posted. I don't know about comment notifications since I haven't posted anything but I hadn't received them in months.
K~no email notification for me, as well. Apparently that feature is still disabled and perhaps one day it will be restored. I also handle comments the same way and that's been working well for a while.
No notifications Kosher but I have checked anyone who wants to read my posts can get them right away by just clicking on Jack Heart. That's why I never went with you guys even though I don't blame you and the others for doing what you did. I do owe OS for my modicum of internet fame. Although I do wish they would sue National Geographic for what they have stolen from The cross, the Rabbi, and the Skinwalker posts. I am glad I could be of assistance in getting Scott Wolter his own show but giving me or at least OS a little credit was definitely the moral thing to do. But as I have said before National Geographic and their owners the Grosvenors have no morals.
The action at Our Salon is quite satisfactory. I drop in here when navigation is easy and reasonably quick. But if it gives me problems, to hell with it.
I'm just so damn awestruck at the fact that I can actually read things and that there are articles on the cover from the post-Cold War era that I'm willing to overlook such things. As the wise philosopher once said, "always look on the bright side of life."
I noticed the site improved on Friday. I blogged about it on Saturday. I did get one PM. I'll send you one. R
I noticed the site improved on Friday. I blogged about it on Saturday. I did get one PM. I'll send you one. R
E-mail notification apparently resumed today.