FEBRUARY 26, 2010 8:56AM

Pockets Of Darkness, Pockets Of Light

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Pockets Of Darkness, Pockets Of Light from Kris Broughton on Vimeo.

Black History Month is almost over.

I really haven't done anything special at my blog Brown Man Thinking Hard to commemorate it, probably because this blog is written from an African American perspective.

But my editors at Big Think liked my "Racial Discrimination: The Reality Show" video, so I took the opportunity to run a mini-series on a few topics this week as a way to wind up a month we usually spend watching documentaries and patting ourselves on the back. Pockets Of Darkness, Pockets Of Light: To Be Brown And Not Brown In The New Millennium contains provocative, challenging pieces that defy conventional wisdom.

I hope the writing lives up to the promise of this promo video.

The first post, "Racial Discrimination: The Reality Show" is already up. The video is the same but the commentary is new.

The other three will run between now and Sunday.


Kris Broughton

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