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Kristi Myers
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January 03
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I am a "thirtysomething" Mom and freelance writer raising the most incredible 9 year-old on the planet. Work (when I could get it) is writing technical manuals, marketing materials and grant requests for clients ranging from small nonprofit agencies to large national corporations. I just finished my Master of Arts in Education, an accomplishment that qualifies me for not much of anything in this economy. I love working with children and spend my days supporting kids with disabilities. I lie about my age. I just want to be happy. And to win the lottery.


DECEMBER 27, 2010 8:39PM

Cheapo Synth Toy + Retro Crap Banjo = Joy

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So I was browsing ThinkGeek and found this very interesting little synth-y device called the Bliptronic 5000 LED Synthesizer.  It is basically a grid of plastic LED-lit buttons with some fun little knobs.  You can do many cool things with it, including hack it to be a midi-type device.  I have no idea how, but I know it is possible, so I will pretend I am all smart and stuff.


Bliptronic 5000


I was pondering the banjo, as well.  I love the whole rustic, scraggly, old-man-without-teeth-on-front-porch-in-overalls mystique that surrounds the instrument.  I decided I should find the cheapest, most beat-up banjo out there and learn to play it.




Then I thought “Hmm... wouldn’t it be cool to lay down a silly retro backing track with the Bliptronic and play something earthy and organic on the banjo or, failing to find one I can afford, a cigar box guitar (which I already own)?”  So I ordered the Bliptronic thing-y and succumbed to thoughts of me playing techo-bluegrass-y crap music for no particular reason.

Is it possible?  Well, like so many of my ideas, it is both doable and unlikely.  But it made me happy to think about it today.  That is good enough for me.

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