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June 22
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JANUARY 5, 2013 1:30PM

Mash-Ups: This is Our Life

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Sometimes, I think I've not only tried to make our home a hodge-podge of items that become their own brand of art, I've also started doing the same with my hair and clothing. Performance art, boredom, midlife crisis? I have this burning desire to bring incongruous objects together and see what the result is.


So, because I cannot deal with any more heaviness for awhile, here are some of my mash-ups and some of the kids. And note, this is our normal behavior, not something we did for this post.


 Farscape, Star Trek and slug zombies.

 Because precious moments go with sci-fi.

Bodies lying--the cats like to walk around up there.


 I think all those things go together well.

The wonder pet's been lying there for days.

I can't decide if the rooster took her down or not.

 Why Checkov?

Yup, Sheppard has a pink pony and a bunch of turtles.

They're aliens, right?



Troi is giving Biscuit a massage, according to Rosie.

So Batman, Phineas and Ferb, the Hulk, Star Trek and Biscuit.

Yup, my girlies are experts.


Hello Kitty and Animal Print.


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A SciFi house is a good house!

Indeed it is! :) Always lots to play with!
This is awesome, like a museum where you can play with the stuff!
Dr. Crusher just winked at me. ;) R
All kidding aside nice collection.