La Clandestina

nothing is true, but everything is real

La Gringita

La Gringita
July 02
la clandestina
riding the spiral to find the light at the end of the tunnel. here i am in south america tryin to get the fuck away from the north and see what there is to being elsewhere. por eso, me llaman la gringita.



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APRIL 22, 2014 8:14PM

Rock and Roll Roots

the beats of the past

are coinciding

with the power of the future

currently residing

on the inside

slipping and sliding

through my emotions

rocking and riding

in and out of my memories

trying to decide

what to teach

and what to hide

where to go

and what is the time… Read full post »

APRIL 22, 2014 8:12PM

Humidity and Fertility

a cloudy day

      ripe with humidity

  the sticky sense

                       of humility

            fading into the sea

  washed away with the sunset

       overl… Read full post »

JANUARY 23, 2014 9:23AM

The Deep South

Deeper than the Deepest South

the smell of the inevitable rain

the wind blowing the tendrils

covering my eyes

blinding my time

wisking me back to another will

another rhyme

when I was alone on the front porch

of life

rocking back and forth on a white-washed memory… Read full post »

DECEMBER 5, 2013 12:58PM

mis corazones

tu corazon late


pero muy fuerte

inside of me

I created you

y ahora

eres parte de mi

y yo siempre

sera parte de ti


(excuse the tildes!) Read full post »

DECEMBER 5, 2013 12:50PM


  I can feel the frustration

the inevitable sensation

             searching for motivation

      to change my situation

but I cannot leave

   all that I've created

 once, my spirit soared

         now she'… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 25, 2013 2:43PM


nothing is ever as it seems

something is real

but I'm not sure

where to find the reality

in myself

or in your words

of falsity

tired of being

what you think

you should be seeing

because it's up to me

to make reality 

out of my dreams

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NOVEMBER 9, 2013 6:56PM

Internal Conversation

it's like any news.

I tell you

and you care 

for a little bit

but I'm not there

for any of it

and it seems

you quickly forget


long time ago

I realized

that life was mine

     mine to live myself

     mine to tell myself

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NOVEMBER 5, 2013 6:19PM


the sunset is redundant

so damn beautiful

every moment

it falls

until it disappears

and the cotton candy colors fade

with my daily emotions

where they promenade

with desire

to see the sun on fire

exploding within my mind

creating hope for things to come

waiting to go blind

ready for… Read full post »

OCTOBER 27, 2013 5:53PM

Quantum Physics


there’s a fog upon my mind

        an eternal haze of humid love

    engulfing me from behind

reigning from the subterranean lair

       with a mindful watchman above


an organiRead full post »

AUGUST 7, 2013 5:52PM

the alarm

life put me on this path

i was unaware

of the destination

until i found an interesting stimulation

explaining all that i know

to be explained

within the terms of surreality

where life controls me

and i am just a figment

in someone else's dream

but when you wake up… Read full post »

JULY 17, 2013 9:56PM

on the road (not kerouacs)


it's yours for the taking


it's mine for the breaking 

ready to defy

for i'm not ready to be vacant.

i want to see the light

and feel a little vagrant

remember how it used to be

when life was just a daydream?

now it's on the path… Read full post »

when everything is good

and happiness abounds

I seem to really lose

my ability to poetically write it down!  Read full post »

MAY 18, 2013 10:18AM


it appears

     that all this time

  I spent roamin around

     searchin for anything I might find

                   to claim it mine

   that somewhere in there

           amo… Read full post »

MAY 11, 2013 4:20PM


half my life

been trying to decide

if the line

in my mind

of ethics and right

is black or white

but i never properly realized

that somewhere among the divide

that is neither and both

at the same time

is where i've always resided

tucked away in my little contradiction… Read full post »

MAY 3, 2013 9:57AM

To Be And Not To Be

im staring at me

one of the strangest, most complicated beings


wondering who it is

i'm looking at

the naughty little reflection

evades my closer inspection

until I catch it in the eyes

it is quite clear

that she is me and not at all 

at the same time

the… Read full post »

MARCH 7, 2013 5:06PM

a path along the spiral

the world shifts

and my place remains

in different hemispheres

upsidedown is near

both past and future are clear

but it's the present 

 that i fear

because i know not how

to get me there

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MARCH 1, 2013 6:27PM

into dependence

there i am

in the middle of the sea

floating on faith

and living off love

until with a wild call

the wave comes crashing down

destroying the idealism

that has penetrated the darkest depths of me

forcing the realization

that depending on others

is necessary to get what i need… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 18, 2013 6:33PM

to go or not to go

a decision to be made

a future laying right ahead

and i'm standing here

wondering how to get in the game

to jump on the track

to something i didn't want 

but now seems like suddenly

all arrows point to go 

and the world hazes to green

inside my mind

where… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 5, 2013 6:10PM

live your poems

immersed among such an idioma romantica, you'd think I could be a bit more poetica. but it's such a lazy culture... viva sus poemas, no solo las escriba.

live your poems. don't just write them. become them. they should become you. afterall, you are the creator of the universe. for… Read full post »

DECEMBER 18, 2012 7:14PM

melt into my mind

melt into my mind. in my head, deep inside. until you can't because the darkness leaves you blind. because that's where i'm at. waving and crying. watching time dying. waiting for my turn in line. bust out of the conventional design. live in a different dimension. elevated way of thinking. above… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 6, 2012 11:19AM

the sandbar

the nothingness surrounds our island

    only the sound of the waves

       begins to permeate

                          as you begin to penetrate

 there, naked and beautiful

     dancin… Read full post »

OCTOBER 31, 2012 12:03PM

we are one

I had resigned myself

       to a future


  a journey into the cranium

    to discover what I was to become 

               and I created

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OCTOBER 8, 2012 2:34PM

opposites attract

sometimes i look at you

and i realize

you are everything i am not

but everything that i am

is in love

with what you got

so mix my white with your black

your front with my back

and make me react

because it has always been said

that opposites attract… Read full post »

AUGUST 18, 2012 2:17PM

the swallows of love

love swallowed me and digested me and spit me out into this new world. where it´s not just me. but him. it´s us. and now that the romanticism has faded and we both seem a little bit more crazy...sometimes i wonder what it is i´m doing. here in this other culture.… Read full post »

AUGUST 18, 2012 2:17PM

the swallows of love

love swallowed me and digested me and spit me out into this new world. where it´s not just me. but him. it´s us. and now that the romanticism has faded and we both seem a little bit more crazy...sometimes i wonder what it is i´m doing. here in this other culture.… Read full post »