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La Gringita
July 02
la clandestina
riding the spiral to find the light at the end of the tunnel. here i am in south america tryin to get the fuck away from the north and see what there is to being elsewhere. por eso, me llaman la gringita.



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FEBRUARY 26, 2012 2:43PM

your body is my chocolate

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i want to write a love poem. but i can't. even though i know what i want to say...i don't know the form. there is this indescribable feeling that i've had since the day i met you. i remember being able to see the energy flowing between us. the dimensions were uniting.our universe was igniting. and now your mine. and i'm yours. for motherfucking ever mi amor...



your body is my chocolate

and damn, i'm addicted to it.


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sex, chocolate, love, poetry

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Looks like a love poem to me. Yum.

Is it all in the spacing,

the empty spots around the words?

Or is it in the punctuation, those commands
to stop or start.

Love Love is all around us.
When you have it you are so fortunate.

I have had it and lost it so many times!

However that chocolate taste is always
worth it.
i don't want to lose it...
I saw this in the feed and the title snagged me. My bf asked me to write him a love letter, I choked. I love him but I'm not sure how to get it done! I shall draw inspiration from your poem. ~r
"your body is my chocolate" Good enough. A one line poem. The form is just fine.