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August 27
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FEBRUARY 2, 2009 11:13AM

Groundhog Day

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So Phil saw his shadow and that means 6 more weeks of winter. Well as long as the sun shines during the 6 weeks who cares?!

No doubt this has been a snowy winter here in the Midwest but my feeling is that if we are going to be in the Winter season let it snow. I love the whiteness and being able to track what has walked through the yard.

If I get up during the night I look out to see if there are any bunnies or deer cruising around. We even had deer prints at the window-were they watching us sleep?

At least by putting our faith in Phil we leave behind all the high technology of forecasting. After all, only weather men (and women) can be wrong 50% of the time or more and still get paid! 

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Ladyfarmerjed. Yes. No worry.
The commonwealth of PA's PASA!
This week is PASA - PASA Farmers!
PA Association of Sustainable Farmers!
Farmers gather at state Line PA . Workshops.
speakers, garden tools, books, Oh, Great Grub,
childcare, and farmer fellowship stories. Google.
Google PASA. The time is always Full ~ Wonderful.
This weekend. Thursday to Saturday. Winter Treat!
I don't think weather men or women have that good of a percentage. Besides what could be more high tech than a rodent seeing his shadow and forecasting the weather. Maybe we should try other animals for other predictions. What would be a good animal to predict when the economy will turn around? Now that would be of useful.
Six more weeks of winter? When I lived in Pennsylvania I didn't care. I still don't. We here in Southern California smile smugly.
M Todd
Perhaps a rat for the financial predictions? Certainly some type of rodent!
A rat would work or perhaps a donkey or one of those little chipmunks that stuff their little faces with seeds.