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June 26
Yes, that's me, ringing up a little mojo for my Fightin' Phils during the 2008 World Series. I grew up, in 1950s and 60s suburbia, with the heart of a frontierswoman. I grew up a Catholic with the heart of a seeker of the Divine Feminine. I grew up a girl and a woman, when being either "just wasn't good enough," with the heart of a warrior priestess of a warrior goddess. My favorite television shows are (from the mid 90s) Profiler, (from the early 21st Century) Witchblade, and (now) Saving Grace, so you know where my mind still is. I was a journalist before big advertising bullies started owning the media and quit (after a long, loud battle) when I saw what they were doing. I was the oldest, and the most eccentric, of seven children in an Irish American family. I married, divorced, and now have a significant other. I am a "budding" herbalist, a mother of four avians (My poor Keenan died recently.), a guerilla gardener, an adjunct professor of pre-composition college writing, a poet, a fiction writer, a creative non-fiction writer, a feature writer, and now a player and a blogger of women's baseball.

AUGUST 21, 2010 12:40PM

USA loses two, becomes fourth seed in World Cup

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Team USA drops last two in second round play, will play Japan tonight

USA versus Australia

USA versus Venezuela

Other World Cup scores


I have what MLB and other professional sports call "flu-like symptoms," and I am "day-to-day," thus the reason for this shortened version of Fourth Women's World Cup of Baseball coverage. I hope I will be back at full capacity for the medal games Sunday.


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I have not been able to keep up, due to life and weird internet bugs, but I LOVE that you are doing this. Your passion is amazing, and I would put this on the cover of OS, newspapers, magazines...thank you for your amazing work.
aim and Karen: Thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts, even when I can't do the job I want to do. I think I'm the only one consistently covering the Women's World Cup of Baseball outside the IBAF, USA Baseball, and the women's baseball community. A few stories have been done in regional and local papers about individual players, but that's it. It's such a shame. The US women represent a country that refuses to recognize their efforts. Thank you for your support.
I count on you to provide this information.....thanks!