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JANUARY 22, 2011 2:04PM

Japan's Far East Bloomers predictably dominate second day

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Phoenix Cup 2011 

Japan's opponents score only two runs in three games

After Friday's defeat of the iTeam of Hong Kong, 12-1, the Far East Bloomers quickly rose to the top in Saturday action.

The Japanese women blanked the quick-starting Taipei Vanguard of Taiwan, 10-0, with a six-run first inning, handing that team its first loss of the tournament. Later Saturday, the Bloomers shellacked Korea's DDD Ball team, 25-1, scoring 10 runs in the first and 11 in the second.

However, the DDD Ball team did manage a win Saturday, scoring 13 in the first inning to defeat the iTeam of Hong Kong, 18-10, despite a four-run charge by the iTeam at the bottom of  the fourth.

In other action late Friday, Vanguard scored seven runs in the second inning to defeat DDD Ball, 13-3.

The Nine Vics of Korea, the Allies of Hong Kong, and the International Earth Stars of the United States, the Netherlands, and Canada will be back on the diamond for the second round Sunday.

Videos of some of the games and the opening ceremony are available at

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