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Land Poor
A small crossroads, Ontario, Canada
December 31
I live in a (dilapidated, leaky, infested) trailer with no electricity, no plumbing and no permit, parked on the 80 acres of land DH and I purchased last summer. We are trying to start a farm from the ground up, with very little money. This blog is about the trials, tribulations and joys we encounter in our everyday lives.


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JULY 27, 2011 11:29AM

Double delish

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The egg on the left side of the picture is a double- it has two yolks. Imagine that one comin' down the ole egg duct. Before we had eggs of our own, DH found a source where he could buy doubles by the dozen. They were even bigger than the '747's he had purchased in the States. But even his enormous appetite for eggs couldn't handle that much yolk. 

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