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December 01
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OCTOBER 15, 2010 3:08PM

Your Kitchen Needs Love Too: Design, Wine & Dine

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Culinarium 2010, a three-day kitchen and epicurean event hosted by the San Francisco Design Center, will celebrate the center of every home—the kitchen. The event will feature live cooking demos, complimentary design workshops, seminars, cocktail parties and panel discussion for consumers and the trade.

Christopher Peacock Home will build out a fully functioning kitchen showcasing how kitchens can be made more personal, comfortable and technologically advanced. The model will feature Silestone quartz countertops, Ann Sacks tile backsplash, Miele appliances and Toshiba high-tech flat screens.

“Beautiful design, innovative appliances, cooking, entertaining—all these things interest our readers. Bringing a kitchen to life in such a wonderful venue as the SFDC is a great way to open up the conversation about design and how people want to live in their homes today,” said House Beautiful Editor in Chief Newell Turner.  

The kitchen will be surrounded by an outdoor vignette designed by McGuire Furniture and dining room designed by McRae & Co. that will feature custom furnishings, flooring, fine art, and antiques.

“The opportunity to build a state-of-the-art kitchen in the middle of a four-story atrium is not only a challenge but a great partnership with the San Francisco Design Center and second-to-none manufacturers.  I encourage everyone to touch, feel and experience how the kitchen has become the home’s focal point,” said Christopher Peacock, founder of Chirstopher Peacock Home.

Culinarium 2010 is a design driven event sponsored by House Beautiful, San Francisco Magazine, Nesting Newbies and the Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco. 

Proceeds from the event will provide scholarships to Bay Area interior design students.  Scholarships will be awarded through the Design Trade Resources Association, a showroom-based trade organization comprised of San Francisco Design District showrooms.
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OMG -- I love your blog!!
I love my kitchen, it's definitely like the article says, my home's focal point. I do everything there, from reading to cooking, to meeting my guests and having a glass of wine. Cooking has quickly become my main hobby, so I like to redesign my kitchen every now and then. The last time I used the kitchen remodel Tucson services, which was great because you need to keep up to date with new kitchen appliances and all that good stuff as they are becoming better and better and they make your life in the kitchen so much easier.
Kitchens really need to be tuned a bit to better fit the needs of the person who either works there (aka hired at a restaurant for example) or just spends a lot of time (mom's cooking food all the time). Why wouldn't you want to improve your lifestyle in the end. I also write about oferte cu avionul in Dubai de la Genius Travel.