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October 01
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MAY 26, 2010 2:33PM

Why I'm publishing ebooks 4.

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I didn't come to e-publishing without having truly epitomized that classic definition of insanity--doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result.  In fact, no one was more surprised than I was to be knee-deep into my next novel when the wound was still fresh from my previous rejection.  To be honest I did go through a slight grieving process each time, and it may have been exactly that process that drove me back to my keyboard rather than obsessing over the closed door.  If I had to cope I might as well be productive.
In the years I've been writing novels, I've received form rejections, kind and glowing rejections, rejections that cited marketing issues, rejections that named other authors the company was promoting that were too similar to me (?) and my all-time favorite, the rejection with the word "Loathe" printed in thick, black ink on my own cover letter.  That only covers publishers.  If we were to talk about literary agents, we'd have to begin with the one who used my SASE to promote his own book.  Cold.  Really, really cold.  Some referenced a previous book of mine instead of the manuscript they had just read--it's hard to find good help these days.  Then I'd get the "I only read exclusively," letter and two weeks turned into two months.  Fool me twice.
I'm sure I didn't make it easy.  I didn't write a novel series.  I preferred to do that sort of thing with film and video scripts.  I wrote mostly about what I cared about, women and family, women with weight problems, Italians, finding and keeping men, work, food, death, God--your basic life elements with quirky characters.   Stuff perhaps better expressed through film.
I prefer my rejections from Hollywood agents and producers.   They're quick and painless.  They come through email.  And while producers might pass on my current project, they always ask to see my next one.  If it's just phony protocol, I don't care. They never expect me to stop writing.  It's always, "Try me in six months," or "I'm looking for women in jeopardy."  They have a nice tone.  And sometimes you can spin that much into encouragement.

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