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L.E. Alba (aka Lary9) was born into a venerable Louisiana political family during the Truman administration. Educated in engineering and liberal arts, this father of three opinionated offspring, has had a lifelong love affair with all things American especially political independence. He routinely apologizes for his progressive zeal by claiming to be besotted with Liberty. After serving in the USAF during the undeclared Vietnam war, he promptly joined the Woodstock Generation, lived in a commune in Haight-Ashbury and, despite the seductive Sirens of the West Coast, returned to the East and began to cultivate a stubborn but artistic Yankee sensibility. More often than not, this landed him squarely in radical left-wing territory on most issues. Lately he has been thinking about retiring from politics but his Louisiana roots are deep and proving to be retirement-resistant. [Twitter: @Lary9]


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FEBRUARY 8, 2011 12:51PM

The God Of The Gaps

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Science and technology, although related, are not synonymous terms. People often say "science" when they really mean "technology" because technology grows using the fruits of science--- its facts and artifacts, but it does not require anything but uncommonly good sense to produce new, working inventions. Consider the Theory of Special Relativity; then look at the light bulb. There's a clear distinction bewteen Einstein and Edison---(who was no great scientist at all but he was a world class tinkerer.)

Still, it's also vital to acknowledge that without technology the current worldwide human population would not have risen to 6.4 billion and climbing. That would've been quite impossible for multiple reasons. So it seems like it's incumbent upon technologists to engineer solutions for the various survival challenges to our advanced civilization. Yet one question that neither scientists nor engineers will ever answer is the cosmic enigma of 'First Cause'.

Consequently, many believers find God dwelling in unfathomable things where science has no explanations. Theologians consider this type of faith as being based upon a "God of the gaps". The problem with this belief is that as science understands more and more...the "gaps" get smaller and smaller. Hence, believers are threatened with the very predictable notion that their God is shrinking!  Therein lies the fallacy of grounding one's beliefs about God upon the illusion that Creation is supernatural and unknowable. Don't people see? When they attack evolution or The Big Bang, which are demonstrably unassailable, and when they view him as the sole custodian of creation mysteries, they're setting up their belief in God to shrink and, eventually, to fail.  Faith needs to adapt or die. That doesn't make Faith artificial either--- just dynamic.

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They haven't adapted yet but they will---they must or surely they will die out. It's still a relatively young confrontation and I suspect this is a last gasp effort. The accelerating pace of new science is a de facto ultimatum. It isn't openly declared by advocates of science but it's surely felt as such by non-science people. This is why 'creationists' speak as though they're being assaulted unjustly by it.