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L. E. Alba

L. E. Alba
New Jersey, USA
January 09
Semi-retired but fully inspired
L.E. Alba (aka Lary9) was born into a venerable Louisiana political family during the Truman administration. Educated in engineering and liberal arts, this father of three opinionated offspring, has had a lifelong love affair with all things American especially political independence. He routinely apologizes for his progressive zeal by claiming to be besotted with Liberty. After serving in the USAF during the undeclared Vietnam war, he promptly joined the Woodstock Generation, lived in a commune in Haight-Ashbury and, despite the seductive Sirens of the West Coast, returned to the East and began to cultivate a stubborn but artistic Yankee sensibility. More often than not, this landed him squarely in radical left-wing territory on most issues. Lately he has been thinking about retiring from politics but his Louisiana roots are deep and proving to be retirement-resistant. [Twitter: @Lary9]

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APRIL 12, 2011 10:25PM

The Rites of Spring

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There is no language of men suited to describe the vaporous days of my youth in early spring, as baseballs leaped off wooden bats with the sound of a woodpecker on solid wood. Those halcyon mornings, so crystalline with promise, so redolent with a season newly begun, held a beauty as sweet and ripe as any I've since known. I return often to those heavenly days between the chalklines of those impossibly green diamonds.

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