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L.E. Alba (aka Lary9) was born into a venerable Louisiana political family during the Truman administration. Educated in engineering and liberal arts, this father of three opinionated offspring, has had a lifelong love affair with all things American especially political independence. He routinely apologizes for his progressive zeal by claiming to be besotted with Liberty. After serving in the USAF during the undeclared Vietnam war, he promptly joined the Woodstock Generation, lived in a commune in Haight-Ashbury and, despite the seductive Sirens of the West Coast, returned to the East and began to cultivate a stubborn but artistic Yankee sensibility. More often than not, this landed him squarely in radical left-wing territory on most issues. Lately he has been thinking about retiring from politics but his Louisiana roots are deep and proving to be retirement-resistant. [Twitter: @Lary9]


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SEPTEMBER 22, 2011 5:32PM

Elizabeth Warren In 2016

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 Elizabeth Warren's thinking isn't really dismissable with a standard, knee-jerk critique: 

"Warren's an ideologue from the left."
There's something about the unvarnished truth that has a timeless, non-partisan hum about it...(like the aura around Galadriel the Fairy Queen in LOTR.) 

Can't right wingers even admit it when someone like Elizabeth Warren is so smart and so honest that when she tells the Truth, it just seems to sound left wing? That's because Truth in the modern world usually is synonymous with progressive thinking. Wanna know why? Reality is progressive! When has reality ever stood still? "Conservative" thinkers haven't been on the cutting edge of reality since the reign of Queen Victoria. As long as the world turns and the sun comes up---forward looking will prevail and progressive judgment will always sound more accurate than conservative judgment because it is. Elizabeth Warren for President in 2016!

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I bet we see her as President in 2016.. I would love that!!!
The Truth is Left-Wing. As for Warren, to hell with 2016; let's put her on the ticket with Obama in 2012. Biden has NO chance in 2016, so let's set up the slate now! (To say nothing of the fact that she can say and do all the things Obama won't).
On second thought, I'd LOVE to see Wall Scott "Playboy" Brown, Wall Street's Owned, shown the door.
I have enjoyed seeing her speak on the Daily Show, she has my interest.