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May 27
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OCTOBER 23, 2009 6:35PM

I Told You We Should Have Turned Left!

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 On October 21,  the pilots of Northwest Airlines Flight 180 overshot the Minneapolis airport by 150 miles.  The pilots claim they were in a heated argument over airline policy at the time.  I have my own ideas.

Pilot 1: Damn it!  You didn't remind me to land!  I thought you were in charge of the map, genuis!

 Pilot 2: Why wouldn't you stop to ask for directions?  I told you not to rely on that darned GPS!

Pilot 1: Well, if you weren't checking out your facial hair in the mirror, we would have landed.  Women!

Pilot 2: You just didn't want to land because you don't want to visit my family!

Pilot 1: Do you blame me?  What a bunch of losers!  Your brother hasn't held a job in two years and your sister, don't get me started!

Pilot 2: Like your family is so much better! Your alcoholic mother can't even make it to the dinner table unless she is half-blitzed and what about your brother, the crystal meth addict...

Pilot 1: Oh, for God's sake!  Now, what are we going to do? Any ideas, Einstein?  We overshot the airport by 150 miles.  What will the passengers think?  And we'll probably get fired!

Pilot 2: Well, they will probably just think we were napping!  Maybe we won't have to work such long shifts!

Pilot 1: Yeah, you got that straight!  Heah, I am sorry I was such a jerk back there.  It's not your fault...

Pilot 2: Oh, that's okay.  I hear the bathroom is free....Since we are cruising, how about joining the mile high club? 

Pilot 1: Makeup sex?  We'd better land the plane first.  The passengers might get mad. 

Pilot 2: Well, when we land, how about a nice dinner at The Olive Garden.  I hear they have an outrageous shrimp parmesan alfredo with all the soup and salad you can eat!

Pilot 1: Sounds great to me!  Kiss kiss, hug hug...



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Absolutely hilarious, Beth! But probably not that far from the truth.
i am never ever getting into THAT plane.