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JUNE 13, 2011 8:36PM

Millionaire Divorcee Drops $500 K on Hamptons Rental

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Forty-something Florida entrepreneur Cheryl Mercuris is renting an East Hampton estate for a couple of weeks.  The catch? She’s dropping $500 K to mingle with single hedge fund managers and other successful types.

The first article I read which detailed Cheryl’s exploits seemed to disparage her attempts to meet Mr. Right, commenting her plans were highly unlikely.

Yet, how’s this any different from dropping, albeit comparative pocket change on a dating site membership or even the bar tab when out on the prowl.

I give Cheryl credit. She isn’t looking to score a gig as a trophy wife. She’s made her own millions.

Being unattached and forty something with kids or (SSWK – Single, Sexless, with Kids) can be excruciatingly lonely, though preferable to (Married, Sexless, with Kids.)  At least there’s some hope!

Cheryl who also owns a home in Time Warner Center is considering a move from Tampa for the cultural opportunities for her son. 

Well, maybe that and lots more eligible bachelors.  I can’t say I blame her!


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