FEBRUARY 21, 2011 10:34PM

Where I Give Business Advice

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So you want me to hire you?  And you can’t do what you do virtually?  You will need to enter my home?  Possibly while I’m not there. Or while I’m there with two small children?

Let me give you some advice.

Don’t drop off this pamphlet at my house unless you’re a pet service. For Satan.

Demonic dog on flier

Although I guess terrifying your customers with a demonic dog COULD work to you advantage. If they needed, say, an exorcism.

And if you MUST use Shiny’s sharp teeth as your mascot, don’t drop off the sales pitch dressed in a sweatsuit and wool hat in seventy degree weather.

A winter hat in 70 degree weather may say: Eff The Man. A jogging suit in 70 degree weather says: I'm hiding from The Man.

I don’t need Sketchy and His Demon Dog service. Or any more reasons to be paranoid.

Although someone did offer to bless my son with holy water to get rid of his parasomnia.  Um, thanks?  And maybe next time, you should send the guy in a frock and collar so I’m more likely to fall for it.

PS. I give advice all OVER the place.  Mostly because I have a big mouth.  Here’s a take from one attendee of the Social Media Club panel on Social Media, Moms and Marketers that I spoke at last week.  It truly made my week.  Click here: Insights from a Work-At-Home Mama-preneur

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You gotta watch out for those innocent fliers. Burglars use them to find out whos home and who is out of town.