APRIL 19, 2011 11:59PM

I Love Souvenirs

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Who doesn’t like to buy trinkets on Spring Break? I mean, how could I live without this?

Souvenirs from Utah

So I’m sending you off to This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff. Heck, you could even come back with something for FREE!

A Photo Book of Guilt: You know that my daughter just had her birthday. What you don’t know is that we only two picture of her in our house aren’t from the immediately scramble before her first birthday when we put up ANY pictures of N. I confess more dirt on second child syndrome and host a giveaway for a Shutterfly photo book of guilt for you, too!

Dryness, Whoppers, and a Fantasy Giveaway!: If you want to end your next date night with a vroom-vroom, you may want to enter our other giveaway. I can’t say anything more except, if marital sex makes you blush, don’t go here and read The Sweetest’s review.

The Worst Shoes Ever Mostly Because They’re Trying To Kill Me: I also reposted this piece. Because more people need to know how terrible these shoes are. I’M SAVING THE WORLD.

Wow! You can win something and you don’t even have to enter a wet t-shirt contest!

Photo source: table4five on flickr

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