MAY 3, 2011 10:15PM

Um, My Shirt Is Supposed To Look Like That

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I want to set a strong feminist example for my toddler daughter.

This is from last year. Her onesie says: Little Feminist. Too obvious?

I want her to see that women can look beautiful and sexy without boobs and butts hanging out. But I also want her to know that growing older and maternal doesn’t mean becoming an asexual prude with a mom haircut and jean that go from the belly button to the ankles.

But my daughter, N, is making this difficult. Because when I pick her up while wearing this:

A nice blue tank top.

She pulls up my shirt saying: Shirt fall down? Shirt fall down!

It’s like she’s channeling my parents from back in my high school days.

Me: Thanks sweetie, but I’m pretty sure that my shirt is supposed to look that way.

She remains unconvinced.

So maybe I’ll go get my nun habit and be done with it.

My daughter would be so proud.

My first photo, mom jeans, is from the Internet’s Aunt Becky, and my last photo is also where you can order your very own custom nun habit. You’re welcome.

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