MAY 10, 2011 10:17PM

My Son Is A Mastermind Heading To The Dark Side If The Dark Side Happens To Have Angry Birds

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My preschooler, E, is playing Angry Birds* on my iPhone while I put my toddler, N, down for nap.

While I’m still upstairs, my phone rings, and E answers.

My friend, P: Is Alex there?

E: Can you call back on the house phone?

P: Sure!


A few minutes later, P calls my iPhone again. By this time, I’m back downstairs, and E begrudgingly hands me the phone.

Me: Hello?

P: Hello, Alex?

Me: Yes, hi!

P: I called a few minutes ago and E answered.

Me: Oh, yeah? I was putting N down for nap upstairs so E was using with my phone.

P: Well, he told me to call back on the house phone and hung up.


P: You don’t have a house phone.

If only he’d use his genius for good, instead of for Angry Birds. But who would he learn that from?

*If you don’t know what Angry Birds is, a previous post explains it: Angry Birds. Bringing Out The Awesome In All Of Us. Or At Least Me.

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Super cute story. And yeah, he's heading to the dark side. I'll enjoy the company.