MAY 19, 2011 9:38AM

I Won't Be Here Much Anymore

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I have loved Open Salon and was honored to have a piece chosen for the cover back in August 2010, but my website, Late Enough, is going through some (good) changes so I won' bet pulling my feed here anymore. 

I will hopefully still be posting-by-hand 4-6 times/month on Open Salon, but I won't write Monday through Friday.

I'm not sure how I will pick which posts and all the rest of those details, but if you want to keep following every post on Late Enough, you still can!

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Your comments and reads have always meant so much to me.  I hope that you will come visit on

 Thank you,


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Ok have a good time with that and remember us here too...or at least me.
All the best with and all your other ventures. You'll be missed around here.
@Algis: Thanks! And I will visit.

@Kathy I'll miss it, too. And thank you for the well-wishes.