Whenever we go to the store my daughter gravitates to the Hallmark cards. (Yes, I did link to them. I will do it as much as I want because I’m a HALLMARK… Read full post »

When we had Ratchet dog (who has been re-adopted! yay!), we bought biodegradable doggy crap bags. Luckily, they came with directions broken down into six easy-to-follow steps because “steward of the environment” might… Read full post »

JANUARY 10, 2011 2:00AM

Creepy Is Genetic

I leave myself voice memos.

I’d like to think that they are from the writer in me who sees the world as a landscape of inspiration.

And then I listened to one tonight.

It… Read full post »

I feel a little overwhelmed that I’m doing a “Where I’ve Been This Week” post because I feel like that’s for A-list bloggers. And the list is NOT just about the alphabet.… Read full post »


We aren’t materialistic. Okay, we’re a little materialistic. I adore shoes. And I enjoy buying toys and clothing for my cute kids! But I really try not to emphasize STUFF.

We didn’t get them everything on their Christmas… Read full post »

I’m not what one might describe as HAPPY-GO-LUCKY.



While, more often than not, this trait gets me what I want, it comes at a cost. People are afraid… Read full post »

JANUARY 4, 2011 11:25AM

See You At The Apocalypse!

I don’t know where you hide presents for your children. But ours go in the zombie apocalypse stash. Which is how we found the leaking eight gallons of spring water.

I was… Read full post »

I’m sitting in a waiting room. Or fighting with a dental hygienist.

My son is having dental surgery. Twice this month.

We went to the dentist because you are supposed to bring… Read full post »

I find New Year’s resolutions suspicious.


Although I admire the denial and delusion of it all.

I’ve never been into New Year’s Eve either. The last time I went out was two years ago:

My son runs up to me: MY BUNS ARE ON FIRE!

Dammit kid, I’m a BLOGGER not a FIREMAN.

So I grabbed my iPhone.

If you can’t see the video, click… Read full post »

I want to be the parent who brings her children to fun places. So today I point to the McDonald’s playground and say: Let’s go there for lunch. (I’ll be the fun… Read full post »

I read two posts yesterday that drove me to crazy. Like literally as I’m reading, I’m in the car-of-rants on my way to crazyville where I will bring up said posts and my… Read full post »

I’m so sad to take this tree down.

Mostly because it took three hours and three people to put it up. And it’s not even our Christmas tree. Oh, and we… Read full post »

DECEMBER 24, 2010 12:59AM

We Wish You A Merry Christmas In Song

Merry Christmas to those celebrating!

Enjoy the short lines at the movies and Chinese food to those who aren’t!

A ridiculous Christmas video from our family to yours.

If you can’t see theRead full post »


I have a tumblr account that I used to post funny stuff that was too short or random for here. Then realized that y’all are TOTALLY too short and random.

Also, I have a WTH category for just such a decision.… Read full post »

I’m a runner. Who is actually running again.

I'm sporting some sweet Conan hair for my first run.

If by RUNNING, I mean that I ran three days… Read full post »

I’m working hard for the money over on Richmondmom.com giving Holiday Tips On How Not To End Up In Someone’s Blog

Also, there are only forty Blogger Body Calendars left! Thank you for… Read full post »

With Christmas rolling in, gifts are on my mind. Which can be translated into YOUR GIFTS ARE GOING TO BE LATE.

And OF COURSE, my son wrote a letter to Santa and included… Read full post »

DECEMBER 16, 2010 2:54AM

And The Offending Light Sculpture Is…

In last Friday’s advice column, I Asked: Do You See What My Inner Teenager Sees? and offered to give $20 to the charity of correct answer.

Here is the offending light sculpture:

I’m driving with my four year old.

Me: Look sweetie! Police cars!

We all stare as it dawns on me that the police are escorting ten cars with headlights beaming. I sigh… Read full post »

I’m feeling better.

In a lot of ways.

I’m back to my old give-a-guy-a-$1 self. I think writing about it and y’all letting me know that I’m not alone or a terrible person… Read full post »

The answer to Friday’s I Ask post is going to be delayed.

I’m too busy dying of a stomach virus.

Why yes, I did sleep in my bathroom last night.

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Just before Thanksgiving, you may have noticed a series of tweets on my visit to a fancy schmancy gardenfest of lights. And I wrote up my bizarre take on the experience here.

However,… Read full post »

DECEMBER 8, 2010 11:18PM

Obnoxious Indifference

I’m not feeling compassion for humanity these days. In this season of giving, I just want to give people a shove out of my way.

I’m not sure how I got here.… Read full post »

Yesterday, we went Christmas shopping. I was exhausted within five minutes.

In case you, too, collapse into irritability when surrounded by salespeople, who hate you, and shoppers, who find it in their hearts… Read full post »