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APRIL 20, 2010 6:52PM

What has this to do with you?

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You walk in, switch on the TV and have a seat in a house not your own.  Daughter and mother--again not yours-- are crying, so upset and angry with each other.  This is not a problem of your making and it's not your home.  Best to mind your own business.  TV is funny and you laugh loudly and are then asked to leave.  You do.  After all, none of the tears have anything to do with you and it's impossible to concentrate on your show.

You disapprove of words you hear, of things people do, laughter and enjoyment.  Surely the laughers and enjoyers could put their time and effort to better use.  Avoid the laughers and enjoyers or you may feel you have missed something.  They do not like you anyway because you are so good at criticism, at finding fault and making people feel like absolute shit.  People avoid you because they are so screwed up.  It's nothing to do with you personally.

People you know get sad, have problems and try to work them out. Ridiculous.  You're never sad.  You have no problems.  You are lonely and people avoid you, but they still invite you to their homes because they're your family.  They give you food and offer you comforts which are never adequate.  You hate their dog and they love it.  None of it has anything to do with you.   Mostly the people you know are just hateful losers.


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This is intriguing. Do you plan to turn this into a short story/novella? I think you really could. This character you've created really reminds of JD Salinger's Holden Caufield.

E. Stark
elizabeth, I agree, carrie does have a certain holden caufield slang to her writing. I am always drawn in, and never disappointed.
good one. Reminds me of a church sign I saw in Toronto recently. It said, "A Day without laughter is a day without life" and I suddenly wanted to rip out that sign. I've had years without laughter. Good one, again. r
Thank you, ES, but I doubt it. This character is kind of a composite of people I know (including myself) and it's nice to say how I feel or think without going into a big narrative.

Doloresflores--(I love typing that), I would never want to disappoint you. Thank you.

WendyO, years without laughter? I have had years that sucked, but not without laughter, sometimes at others' expense. I have had days without laughter, and they do suck. Weird thing to have on a church sign though. Thank you for coming by!
I get this. I really do. I think. Very well done.
Thank you Cartouche, so nice to see you. Here.

Bonnie--it means continue on your merry way, do not worry about or change a thing.

Unbreakable--I live to intrigue.
I am very curious to see where you go with this.
Count me in as also intrigued and looking forward to more.
When did you get know my family?
wendy, it's funny how differently people read things. for example, the line "You hate their dog and they love it" just makes me giggle. somehow when dark things are transformed into art they often seem so strange and unexpected it makes me want to laugh. it feels healing when that happens even if the dark part is still there.