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JUNE 17, 2011 2:53PM

A Song for all the Sellouts

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One thing that most powerful people in public life--politicians both democrats and republicans, lobbyists, presidents, presidential candidates, lunatic former governors on private buses--have in common is how well groomed, well dressed, smooth, silky and shiny they are.  All have such lovely teeth, pretty jewelry, and are all so spiritual, religious and kind.  This song was written by John Lennon (in 1971-how did he foresee) and contains these very appropriate lines:

You can shine your shoes and wear a suit
You can comb your hair to look quite cute
You can hide your face behind a smile
One thing you can't hide
Is when you're crippled inside

You can wear a mask and paint your face
You can call yourself the human race
You can wear a collar and a tie
One thing you can't hide
Is when you're crippled inside

Well you know that a cat has nine lives
nine lives to itself
you only got one
And a dog's life ain't fun
Mamma take a look outside

You can go to church and sing a hymn
You can judge me by the color of my skin
You can live a lie until you die
One thing you can't hide
Is when you're crippled inside

It goes on like that and you can find it anywhere and hear it anywhere on the web if you want, but I am just so disgusted.  Nancy Pelosi emailed me this morning asking me for money for some bullshit pie in the sky that I didn't even bother to read about.  If I can make my life work with the pittance I make at my job--and I can--how is it these people who are so educated and so together see more money in a month than I will in a lifetime and still fail so miserably at solving the simplest problems, all while selling out to huge destructive corporations and then get the nerve to ask working people like me for money!?

Then when you have a progressive fighter like Anthony Weiner, he turns out to be completely nuts. I'm sorry, he's an idiot.  Now for something that always makes my day. I miss you John, but I guess we have this decade's you--Jamie Oliver, with the radical idea of healthy food in America. 

I always preferred the fat John Lennon.

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the beatles are making me old
everyone has feet of clay, alas. nice post.
Don and Jane, glad you both liked it. Feet, brains, penises, all of clay. Alas.
A negligible pot belly is a sign of a gentleman!
MC--Indeed it is, and I didn't mean to objectify in my last sentence, but I guess I did. He was only fat when compared to his very thin self later in life. Katharine Hepburn once referred to preferring Cary Grant when he was fat (again, comparatively so). But you (again!) are so right about the pot belly.
I dont think I can trust anyone in politics but I can feel comfy with a mature person that has a pot belly.
rated with hugs
Linda, I do not think so either. They are the wealthiest bunch of incompetents I have ever seen. I feel a pot belly teaches humility.
I miss John. I think if he hadn't been killed he would have created some fantastic music.
Frank--There's no doubt. He was murdered at 40 and look at what he left behind. He was just an amazing man.
I say 'amazing' too much.
I think I was The Beatles biggest fan in England in the sixties and saw them several times live. I adore Lennon's cryptic words now I'm older and his crippled inside song is spot on. I only visited Strawberry Fields in Central Park last week. Most poignant.

I have no time for politicians here either. A bunch of lying hypocrites only interested in themselves and profit.
Linda, I am so jealous. I never saw the Beatles in person, you are so lucky. Perhaps if they hadn't been threatened by the Klan here--who knows. His crippled inside song is spot on. He has been in the news quite a bit recently, with the US versus John Lennon, which I watched in hopes that he would get deported back to England (might be alive yet if he had) but knowing he wouldn't. There was also LennoNYC, which I liked but I get so sick of Yoko Ono perpetuating the myth that she was the one bright spot in his life and had saved him from his earlier life, when in fact he seemed to miss life in England very much.

And it all happened so long ago, does it even matter anymore? I think it does, he's still very relevant. I was at SF in Central Park at the end of March, beginning of April, maybe next time I'll see you there. It's just heartbreaking.
well, i happen to be this decade's Bob Dylan,
so i feel a certain grudging respect for the
fop but say unto him,

"we must heal cripples. not actively,
but with our art.
but remember,
if you set out to
heal someone
you must first
forgive them..."

I don't mean that about Johnny Boy.
John boy.
argh, his sanctimonious voice.
Bugs me more than oprah.

imagine no religions?
there f-ing ARE none,
they exist in the air, not on earth.

love the idiot. ever see bob and john's drunken taxi ride on yoohoo
This decade's Bob Dylan, are you? Must be if you say so yourself. Forgiving is easier when wrongdoing is confessed.

I have never seen the drunken ride, and need to spend more time away from youtube. Yes he may have been preachy and sanctimonious, but never vapid and talentless like Oprah.
This is so wonderful. I love the poems meaning and I am glad you sorted the weiner thing. your good.
It is indeed hard to keep the faith these days; thanks for summing up our national malaise. Those of us old Beetles fans sometimes wish for their insightful lyrics. (My good husband Bud, then head of Fairchild's western bureau, snagged the first interview with the fab four on U.S. soil when they were at San Francisco's Cow Palace in -- I said, OLD fans -- February of '64.)
Power corrupts, politicians are not to be trusted. It's the way of the world. Too bad for us. Thanks for posting.
Great Post. I liked the skinny one, he brought a Revolution with him!
I feel bad about diss-ing John. He was an extraordinary
personality & one can only wonder
what he could have accomplished,
or been accomplishing during these
War Years of the 21st century.
Algis--Thank you and you're welcome, the Weiner sorting was not difficult.

Fran--Wow, that's very impressive. I'd rather be old than not remember the Beatles at all. It's off-putting sometimes when you realize how many people weren't even alive when JL was shot. That is a day burned into my memory.

Erica--That is the way of the world, and that's why we need our artists so badly.

Scanner--Fat, skinny, loved them both. Fun and revolutionary, always room for both.

Really James,what took hold of you? He was intense, sharp, witty, entertaining, self-effacing. I just never tire of him, and it's so fun to try and envision a 21st century John Lennon. He was by no means perfect, but that's what made him interesting. BTW, I did go and watch that taxi ride. Found it somewhat uncomfortable.
He left us his message, "Peace if you want it".

Guess not everyone wanted.