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JULY 20, 2012 10:03AM

Grandbaby Number Three

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            They took the baby away at birth and the mother confined to the mental ward of the IU Health Hospital. They claimed she had attempted a home birth, which clearly she hadn’t. Ten days before she had gone to the hospital thinking she was in labor. It turned out to be Braxton-Hicks and they sent her home where she lives alone.
            She had plotted her escape from Centerstone. She knew if they knew she was pregnant they would keep her there against her will and take away the baby.
            Centerstone reported her to Social Services, claiming she hadn’t checked in like she was supposed to so her food stamps were cutt off, but she had moved out of Centerstone and into her own apartment on the south side of Bloomington.
            Centerstone has control of all her money. They issued her two checks in the amount of $50.00 each but she has no way to cash the checks.
            Two months before the baby was due her doctor advised bed rest so she could not ride the bumpy bus over jarring roads to get what she needed. Her boyfriend would get his father to bring her food but they didn’t express their more immediate needs, perhaps because his father had told his son, “Your shit does not become my shit,” and his father didn’t even realize she was pregnant until recently.
            When the girl went into labor with this, her first baby, she wanted her boyfriend to go to the hospital with her but she couldn’t reach him. She called her boyfriend’s father at work but could not reach him either, he was working from home that day. She left fifteen voicemail messages for him then her water broke and called 911.
            The Social Worker told the new mother, now confined to a mental ward accused of attempting a home birth, that if she doesn’t have everything she needs to take care of a baby then the baby will become a ward of the state and placed on the fast-track to adoption.
            The Social Worker was supposed to call the house and speak with the father’s father but he was still at work that day and so the Social Worker spoke to the brother instead.
            “Are you sure it’s even his?” The brother asked, “Have you done a DNA test?”
            This enraged the Social Worker for some reason, perhaps because the specter of an alternate father, even presented by a third party with no knowledge of, or sympathy for, the relationship or the situation, could throw a bit of a monkey wrench onto the fast track to adoption and DNA tests will have to be done and extra expenses incurred.
            There is some natural sympathy for the thought that perhaps two people who can’t take care of themselves are now responsible for caring for someone else, especially when that someone else is so completely helpless and dependent, but we cannot start seizing infants at birth and reassigning them to alternate families on the sole grounds that their birth parents are poor or dysfunctional or we could be facing a wholesale reassignment of newborns on the basis that someone, somewhere, could provide better when all people, by right of Natural Law, deserves the opportunity to raise their own offspring.
            A young mother is bereft of her baby. The infant placed with strangers and unable to take part in the bonding process that is so vitally important at this stage. A young family is unable to form. Tomorrow will be spent scouring yard sales and thrift stores in order to assemble a nursery and stock it with diapers and lotions, ointments and wet wipes, in a frantic attempt to stave off what seems to be a pre-determined conclusion.

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