NOVEMBER 3, 2008 1:29PM

52,000 pit bulls, and not one wearing lipstick

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(Part II of a Reno campaign odyssey)


If pit bulls could vote, Obama would win this town hands down.  Reno has A LOT of pit bulls and, despite the Sarah Palin connection, they are largely in the yards of Democrats, based on my admittedly unscientific polling data. For canvassers like myself, these dogs are definitely intimidating, especially when accompanied by yard signs that say things like “Maul first, ask questions later” and “My security system has four legs and an interlocking jaw.”  One of the regular workers from the local Obama campaign headquarters was actually bitten in the ass by a pit bull, which he has valiantly shrugged off as one more part of the job, like getting flipped off by McCain supporters and subsisting on take-out pizza.     


[Damn!  Due to a technical glitch, I can’t figure out how to transmit pictures at the moment.  Where’s an 8-year-old when you need one?]


Beyond vicious dogs, there are other campaign trail hazards, such as giant neon-colored dildos.  [Here the photography thing would really come in handy, I realize.]  This morning’s walk list (for you stay-at-home slackers, that’s canvassing talk for a list of potential Obama voters) included a second-story tattoo parlor and a sex toy emporium called, curiously, the Chocolate Walrus, a name whose significance eludes me, but perhaps there are some things one is better off not knowing.


It was early in the day and the place, thank God, was empty, except for a guy working behind the counter, my prospect, or so I gathered.  As I queried him about his plans on election day, I tried not to look at the distracting array of day-glo phallic objects in the display case between us.  Or the action on the large flat screen TV stationed above the counter.  There I was, a respectable middle-aged female from a nice suburban community, going through my talking points about Obama’s tax plan for the middle class while, on the screen behind us, a couple was grinding away, oblivious to the fact that the fate of the nation was hanging in the balance.  For this I deserve something, maybe a nice dinner.  


Next:  Marin County foodies in the land of the $4.99 all you can eat buffet

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Laurel - I would gladly share my Pad Thai with you :-)

Sounds like your canvassing was much more, ahem, interesting than mine. Sounds closer to my hometown of New Orleans than northern Virginia.

The whole TV thing is kind of epidemic in Nevada, no? We were in Las Vegas for Spring Break and had a tough time getting my kid out of the tub (a first!) because he was so enamored with the flat-screen TV in there. Zion National Park or Zack & Cody? I, too, wish I could post pics.

Thanks for getting out the vote. Nevada is critical and I'd love to see it go blue!

Okay, you set me up, yes?

Both of these posts are hilarious. Perfect pacing, perfect tone, perfect imagery.

You should have no doubts.

You gotta love Reno--it's so "Wild West." And I love the way it embraces the whole brothel thing. There was a restaurant there, I can't remember its name---one word I think--in an old brothel---oral menu, about 200 items---They had an amazing pasta with smoked salmon--As you can tell, I'm looking forward to the foodie followup.
Hey, funny stuff - this would make a nice little vignette for a short-story or you could elaborate on it and do a personal essay - "As I queried him about his plans on election day, I tried not to look at the distracting array of day-glo phallic objects in the display case between us." - that sentence cracked me up. - rated - William
a couple of signs turned you off to pitbulls? really? have you even met one? yet, a balanced one? obviously a thoroughly researched report on pitbulls...