JANUARY 30, 2009 7:30PM

My new neighbor is such a stud

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                           He just moved in yesterday.  Isn’t he gorgeous???

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I hope he's not a bully!!!
Does he make you HORNy???
Got a few studs (dogs) are our house too. Watching the enthusiasm with with they conduct their business, I feel a bit inadequate. At least I don't have to wait 20 minutes after the deed before I can separate and go to sleep.
He really looks lonely. Very lonely. Where are the cute little heifers?

This is a bum steer if I ever saw one.
You say he just MOOOOOOOVED in? That 's the biggest deer I've ever seen. Can you imagine the kebobs?!!!
What pretty country. Please send us MOOOOORE Photos with your newly acquired, yet brilliant skills.
Michael, please do not talk about kebobs in my new friend's presence.
oh wow, he's a looker al right! hmmm, dont tell him about my pups and their love of bull and buffalo penii. wudn't want to rattle him. congrats on new home!

love love love and rated for testosteron levels.
He's got that cute hair.
Shhhhhhhhhhh Laurel, I didn't want people to know where I live! :-D
Wow, that is one big load of bull!
It's a mutt isn't it? Looks like a cross between a yak and a buffalo.
A yakkalo or a buffayak or abuffayakalo or something.
Hey, don't laugh. I know my animals.
Theo, you're sounding MUCH friskier! I'm so relieved and will be by in a bit to hear the latest from you.

I agree, Liz, his hair IS cute. Greg, you're the resident Blago expert, how do you think they stack up? (Cool new avatar, btw)
Is that a mastadon? I thought they were extinct? What a big boy. Brings new meaning to the word "macho".
Damn...that made me laugh!
The comments:
Horny, bum steer
big load of bull
God, there are a bunch of good smart asses round here, again my highest compliment. Ugly looking bull, gorgeous does not come to mind.
But what breed is he? Odd skull structure...some polled variety?
Wow. Very handsome fellow. I love West Marin.
Hmm. Looks like he has five legs. I like him!
Yes, compliments all around for the dazzling array of bull puns.
Catamiteb, you sound like you know your cattle, pardner! He's a Scottish Highland, the oldest registered breed there is, a beast capable of withstanding the harshest weather conditions, so he definitely lucked out landing in Northern California. I think it suits him, too -- in fact, he's already got his eye on my hot tub.
Lea, darlin', you've got your studs, I've got mine.
Aww. You should see the Highlander down the street from us. His horns are twice that and he can't see because the hair covers his eyes. It's crazy looking.

I hope the squirrel doesn't get jealous.....

Catamite - polled means they are genetically engineered not to have horns. Just FYI.
Julie - thanks for the correction. Is part of that what makes them more stubby? Because when I was a kid we had Hereford steers and then we got a Polled Hereford steer and he was the stubbiest, fattest little thing (delicious, though). I suppose he could have just been runty, though. We never got one of those again, then switched to black angus (even more delicious).
Wow! What a stud your new neighbor is.
Paul says that's because they were developed in the US (the polled breed) as opposed to Europe where most of the cattle came from. Just not as lean or slick as the horned ones. We run Black Angus here. Yum, yum, yum.
Yeah Laurel. tonight I have TWO studs... in my ears.
Catamite, Julie, while we're talkin' cattle here, kin I bring y'all some chili and cornbread?
oh my god i want to knit him NOW. any chance of fleece? :)
OMG how adorable is he? I'm soooooo jealous.
Wow. He's hung better than the squirrel!
P. S. Hey! I just noticed I posted a "country life"post and you posted a "country life" post. What are we going to write about next time, Laurel dear?
None of those in Malibu, eh m.a. h.? You can have Brad Pitt.
Hmmmm....Lisa, will have to think and it's a little late for that. Meanwhile, I am SO jealous that you have one of those beautiful old Pennsylvania houses. My husband is from New Hope, and I would live back there in a second.
Have you introduced him to your nudie neighbors? This guy could stomp some grapes!
I have a red cape I can sell you cheap......
There are some of those handsome things in the next town over. They are always out in the depths of winter looking not uncomfortable. I bet they like California a whole lot better, though.
He may be a stud, but he's kind of a stuck in the 70s stud with that hairdo. Somehow he bulls it off.
Looks like Squirrel's got some competition
Hey, I reread and noticed I have the dubious honor of being the 147th commenter to make the Squirrel connection! Story of my life.
Just as long as you aren't channeling Catherine the Great, my dear woman!
I think the line "good fences make good neighbors" applies here.
And here I was picturing you planning many hours gardening out in your front yard in a skimpy outfit...
He is grand looking. What kind is he? (besides horney)
I bet I could kick his ass! Then I'd wake up...
What's his name? Oh yeah, HOOK 'EM HORNS!
Look, Ferdinand, you've got so many admirers!

Today he seems to be bellowing a lot, hoping for a little companionship, I imagine...He's obviously been built with one function in mind.

In answer to your question, O'Stephanie, he's a Scottish Highlander, a proud and ancient breed, used to far more rugged conditions than exist here in coastal California. In fact, I'm told he's already booked for his first massage.
Hey Laurel,
Just letting you know I came by but you were all busy talking bullshit with the urban cowboys and cowgirls. (sorry, but I wanted spud to know that the pun hasn't ended yet). ;-)
How awesome to be be able to drive or walk past that sight every day. Reminds me of when I lived in Northwest Houston, and there was a field of cattle on my way to work, including one strutting bull. It was a funny image to walk into work with.
Lea, your comment shocks and surprises me, yet it's completely accurate. Laurel, is your husband aware of what's going on in your neighborhood?