JUNE 25, 2009 7:35PM

The day grandpa shot himself. (Hot deals @ Expedia.com!)

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I like the idea of paying "rent" on my little patch of OS real estate, and I REALLY like the idea of keeping OS solvent.  I'm even starting to fantasize about specializing, maybe in fifty-something rants, in hopes of attracting the lucrative pharmaceutical market.  But I'm also thinking it could get a little weird.

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This is officially the funniest title ever to appear on OS.
yes, computer matched content advertising is going to be very interesting :)

i'm just worried that it will let out my inner demon marketing genius!
where would you like to shoot yourself today?
Cracking up over that title, well done. You are giving me some ideas, Mad Men comes to OS!
Laurel, Laurel, Laurel ... what would Mr. Novakovich say???

lmao ;0
All I see is an Earth Share ad. Still, you crack me up. I'm not going to get my panties in a wad over this. I haven't done the math yet, but I'm guessing on a really good month I could maybe make a dollar fiddy!
Still, Kerry launches a new thingy and celebrities start dying all over the country. Wish I had the nerve for a blog titled,
"Kerry Lauerman Killed Farrah and Michael Jackson!"
Love the title... laughed all the way in.
the title is excellent. and the post is certainly not too long. and here's Kerry again. things will get weird for sure. love love love
very funnytitle...and Michael Rodgers may be onto something...
MR: "Kerry Lauerman Killed Farrah and Michael Jackson!"

Oh, I've been waiting for it.
Clever and funny, therefore rated.
Ha! Funny, funny, funny.
Brilliant as always (I guess your granpa won't be needing any of the Alpha Male Necklaces over at my post.)
All in the service of generating good blog topics, Kerry.

Must make dinner (and bury grandpa). Back later to comment further, though I expect by now everyone is busy digging through their photo albums, anyway.
Rated for inducing tearful laughter,

Oh fine, Laurel -- my grandpa actually DID shoot himself!

But I'm IN for the 50-something rants. (I offer this: Levitra -- taken with not-enough-food & too much liquor -- can cause dangerous black-outs!)
Funny, the first laugh I've had today. And yes, my feverish little mind is working overtime to figure out how I can "cash" in by writing content to match ads. Selling out is so very easy....
i am laughing out loud for real. And Steve is right.

"The Doctor called: You have cancer. And I want a divorce. / Download a new penis today!"

Nope. Yours is waay funnier.
Sorry to hear about gramps. But there are some sizzlin' deals on Expedia right now.

I can't wait to see what ads pop up on "Pitbulls in Spamalot": Spam, It's What's for Dinner. I've already ordered a custom yacht!
I'd say this all started with your prescient post about OS sponsorships, but they haven't taken up those brilliant ideas about targeting the market here.
See? He should have used PriceLine.
The title made me laugh when I saw it on the feed.
And I agree with you, Laurel.
I apologize for failing to comment on all your nice comments -- got tied up trying to crank out a Farrah post. You've undoubtedly all moved on by now, so I'll just say thanks for stopping by and, yes, James Poyner, you're going to be a very rich man one day soon.

Theo -- this post was actually 10,000 words long, but I spent a day editing. :-)

OMG, I just realized that Cosco sells coffins now. For posts like this one about grandpa, you don't suppose....